Have you Considered an Attached Granny Flat?

Have you Considered an Attached Granny Flat?

Publish Date: July 9 2019

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An Ideal Housing Solution for Extended Families

In recent times many home buyers have begun to reassess the living arrangements of their extended family and to consider dual living options. Stroud Homes is proud to introduce to New Zealand a great range of houses with attached granny flat options.
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Increasing numbers of new homeowners are looking for a housing solution that accommodates up to three generations while still ensuring privacy for the occupants.

Our attached granny flat solutions provide ample living space while also presenting an integrated home frontage and roofline. A casual observer would scarcely realise that the property contains a fully self-contained granny flat. A shared outdoor area provides a great meeting point for the families.


Benefits of Attached Granny Flats

An attached granny flat is an ideal living solution for an extended family. You get the benefits of living under the one roof while still enjoying separate living spaces and privacy.

Benefits of attached granny flats include:

  • Greater economy and affordability.
  • Improved security.
  • Flexible lifestyle options including child minding, supervision and assistance.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the initial build. It’s cheaper to build the granny flat at the same time as the main home rather than at a later date.
  • A significant improvement resale value.

A selection of our Attached Granny Flats

Custom Designed Attached Granny Flats

Stroud Homes New Zealand can custom design an attached granny flat solution to suit one of our existing designs. You can also adopt one of many existing attached granny flat designs. The choice is completely up to you. Learn more about our great range of attached and detached granny flat solutions.

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