Interior Advice: Designing a Kid’s Bedroom

Interior Advice: Designing a Kid’s Bedroom

Publish Date: October 10 2022 by Lisa McMah, Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty

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Designing a Kid’s Bedroom

Designing a kid’s bedroom can be a little challenging at times especially as children move through different ages and stages.

You want to avoid having to completely make over a room each times your child’s interests change.

Stroud Homes is a home builder who is there to help clients with everything to do with their new home, including interior advice.

Professional interior design advice – all part of the package

When you choose our standard Fully Loaded inclusions package you get a free two-hour consultation with one of our talented Interior Designers.

Our designer will work with you in our selection studio to choose a colour scheme that suits your personal taste as well as integrating beautifully with your chosen home design and its surrounding environment.

They will guide you through the huge range of choices, from carpet to Colorsteel and everything in between.


Tips to help start you off with your kid’s bedroom:

  • Pick a neutral base colour, adding colour through accessories, a feature wall/wallpaper. You can get creative in a kid’s room but keep the colours and tones cohesive.
  • Avoid highly ‘themed’ rooms, think about how your child can grow with the room. A woodland (think circa 2013) themed room might be great when you have a young baby but as your child grows it likely won’t be suitable so would cost a fortune to update as your child gets older.
  • If they are old enough allow them to be part of the decision making, give them options that you are also happy with but let them make the final decision, such an empowering moment.
  • Invest in quality linen, kids are rough on things. If you don’t want to be replacing something every season buy less and buy well.
  • Think wisely about clever storage. Organised storage is your best friend when it comes to keeping a room tidy. (Tip – get into the habit of taking photos of your children’s creations, that way you can keep them forever.)
  • Give them space in the room, don’t over-clutter with things, apply careful consideration on layout and what they actually need in their rooms. A bedroom should be a restful space, somewhere to retreat to for a peaceful moment.
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