Interior Tips: Art in the Home

Interior Tips: Art in the Home

Publish Date: August 16 2022 by Lisa Mcmah, Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty

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Make your home yours with Art

Art is a powerful thing, it can change the feeling of a room, uplift moods and transform a space.

With so many amazing pieces around there is something for everyone.

Since art is something very personal; everyone has their own style and what speaks to one may not be for another, we view art as something unique – just like your home!

There is more to hanging art than just being a placeholder in your home, here’s a few benefits:

Shows your Personality

Shows your Personality

Art gives you a way of expressing yourself; it can speak volumes to others about you, it adds personality and can showcase memories that help to tell your story.

As John Demarco said:

“Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said”.

Brings the Room Together

Brings the Room Together

Sometimes a room can look like it is lacking something, a missing piece.

Art has a way of instilling and bringing cohesion to a room, it can liven it up and immediately transform it.

Art makes a house feel like a home.

Can help improve mental health

Can help improve mental health

Finding a piece of art that you have an emotional connection with can lift your energy and bring a smile to your face giving you those warm fuzzies. Better still, take some time to produce your own piece.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing something you have created on display and showing what you have accomplished.

Supporting Small Business

Supporting Small Business

When you purchase a piece of art that someone has lovingly created you are supporting a small business, a creative, someone who follows their passion.

Your support allows them to continue to do that.

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At stroud Homes we are here for the big things as well as the smaller things in your home.

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