Attached Granny Flats

Attached Granny Flats

Attached Granny Flats

Attached granny flats (or dual living designs) are a great option for accommodating older children, extended family, guests, boarders, nannies and, of course, grannies!

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Increasing numbers of new homeowners are looking for a housing solution that accommodates up to three generations while still ensuring privacy for the occupants.

Our house plans with attached granny flats provide ample living space while also presenting an integrated home frontage and roofline. A casual observer would scarcely realise that the property contains a fully self-contained granny flat. A shared outdoor area provides a great meeting point for the families.

With our granny flats the possibilities are endless!

The Milford 375 with Granny Flat is a great way to help your kids get a start in a tough housing market. There’s plenty of space and privacy for both you and the younger family. The resale value of these homes is a real bonus providing a way for you and your children to build wealth.

Koru 428 with Granny Flat Classic Façade

The Koru 428 with Granny Flat is big on space for the larger extended family. The attached granny flat includes an extra two bedrooms, living/dining, garage, kitchen and alfresco.

Hahei 394 with Granny Flat Classic Façade
For empty nesters looking to earn additional income, the Hahei 394 with Granny Flat is a great option. Another great acreage style dual living design from Stroud Homes.

*Council regulations may vary from one location to another. Please check with your local council before proceeding

Tairua 78 Stand Alone Granny Flat Skillion Façade

If you have the land a detached or stand-alone granny flat can be a great way to earn extra income. The Tairua 78 standalone granny flat gives you maximum privacy all in a great looking modern dwelling.

*Council regulations may vary from one location to another. Please check with your local council before proceeding

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Benefits of Attached Granny Flats

An attached granny flat is an ideal living solution for an extended family wanting have all the benefits of living under the one roof while still enjoying separate living spaces and privacy.

Benefits of homes with attached granny flats include:

  • Greater economy and affordability.
  • Improved security.
  • Flexible lifestyle options including childminding, supervision and assistance.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the initial build.
  • Enhanced resale value.
Stroud Homes New Zealand Attached Granny Flat

Attached Granny Flats

Stroud Homes has special expertise in designing and building homes with attached granny flats. The best feature of these home designs is how they integrate with the overall home. From the outside you wouldn’t even notice the house contains a separate dwelling.

Attached granny flats are designed to integrate seamlessly with most of our home designs. By altering the orientation of the flat you can either maximise privacy or increase interaction between the occupants.

The additional living space provided by a granny flat can be oriented so that the living areas of both dwellings face each other, or mirrored so that the occupants each have their own entryways and enjoy greater privacy.

Granny flats can feature an open patio or the delightful cafe dining option. With three sets of sliding doors you can easily switch from open air al fresco dining to enclosed comfort.

These plans show granny flats attached to our Oakleigh 181 design but you can add this granny flat to many of our designs. (Note: granny flat add-ons are not available for all Stroud Homes designs and are subject to local council planning requirements.)


More About Granny Flats

Granny flats create added space and extra privacy, plus it really is rather “cool” for a teenager to have his/her own separate living area. They are self-contained living spaces within the grounds of a larger family home and are usually designed for one or two people. They are normally detached from the main residence.

Another benefit is the added security of having someone else living on the property; it is more likely to act as a deterrent to potential burglars than a single residence with all the lights off.

Quality Granny Flat Design and Construction

As a builder, we put just as much care into building granny flats as we do to the main home. That means you get the same level of quality and experience, the same dedication and customer-focus and the same reliability and guarantees for delivery.

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Building Guarantees

At Stroud Homes, we understand how important build time is to you. We’re not a laid back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know you need your new home built on time.

That is why Stroud Homes offers a variety of guarantees, with our most important being completing your build in a dedicated timeframe.

We understand what is important to you and your family, that is why all our guarantees will ensure to keep you happy, within your budget, and to your timeframe.

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