Attached Granny Flats / Minor Dwellings

Attached Granny Flats / Minor Dwellings

House Plans with Attached Minor Dwellings

Minor Dwellings, or Granny Flats,  are a great dual living option for accommodating older children, extended family, guests, boarders, nannies and, of course, grannies!

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Increasing numbers of new homeowners are looking for a housing solution that accommodates up to three generations while still ensuring privacy for the occupants.

Our house plans with attached granny flats provide ample living space while also presenting an integrated home frontage and roofline.

A casual observer would scarcely realise that the property contains a fully self-contained minor dwelling. A shared outdoor area provides a great meeting point for the families.

With our granny flat options the possibilities are endless!

The Milford 375 with Minor Dwelling is a great way to help your kids get a start in a tough housing market. There’s plenty of space and privacy for both you and the younger family. The resale value of these homes is a real bonus providing a way for you and your children to build wealth.

The Koru 428 with Minor Dwelling is big on space for the larger extended family. The attached granny flat includes an extra two bedrooms, living/dining, garage, kitchen and alfresco.

For empty nesters looking to earn additional income, the Hahei 394 with Minor Dwelling is a great option. Another great acreage style dual living design from Stroud Homes.

*Council regulations may vary from one location to another. Please check with your local council before proceeding

If you have the land a detached or stand-alone minor dwelling can be a great way to earn extra income. The Tairua 78 standalone minor dwelling gives you maximum privacy all in a great looking modern dwelling.

*Council regulations may vary from one location to another. Please check with your local council before proceeding

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