Premium Upgrades: Everyday Luxury

Premium Upgrades: Everyday Luxury

Publish Date: April 29 2022 by Tim Farland, Stroud Homes Auckland North

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Create a sense of luxury

Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life and want your home to be anything but standard? Then we urge you ask us about the Stroud Homes Premium Upgrades options!

Stroud Homes swears by affordable luxury, and even though the Fully Loaded Inclusions are of higher quality than many other builder’s, the luxury upgrades are the little touches that make a home feel special.

There is an extensive range of upgrades available in all areas of the home, both interior and exterior. Let’s find out more from Auckland North’s Sales Consultant Tim Farland.

Rooms to upgrade

Typically if clients have a little extra in their budget they will tend to spend this in the kitchen or bathroom by way of tapware, vanities and appliances.

Our premium upgrades range allows you to choose a more premium inclusion option on an item by item basis.

Stroud Homes also recently added the option of floor to ceiling tiles in the upgrade booklet, to provide clients with that beautiful and cohesive look in their bathrooms.

Other popular upgrades are laundries, front entrance doors, flooring and heating systems. Adding solar is a growing trend for those wanting to be more self sustainable.

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Must-have upgrades

There are some items that people like to spend a little extra on when they’re building a new home. These items usually include appliances, benchtops & tapware in kitchens and vanities & tapware in bathrooms.

Bathroom and kitchens are usually rooms worth investing in for the sake of resale value, so it makes sense to give it a little extra love in form of upgrades.

The top three most popular upgrades for the home builder, in no particular order, is a central heating system, front entrance door and fully tiled bathrooms floor to ceiling.

Security & health

From a security point of view it’s worth upgrading to Smart Home technology. Stroud Homes have partnered with Smartlife who offer automated technology solutions for the home.

We also believe having a healthy home  is crucial. Therefore we’ve have partnered with HomeSol, a leading provider of home ventilation and vacuum systems. Get in touch to find out more!

How to upgrade

Once the preliminary drawings are signed off and the initial price estimate is confirmed with our standard inclusions, Stroud Homes arrange a time for you to meet with our new home sales consultant at our display centre.

During this meeting you will review the inclusions checklist and decide on potential upgrades.

We have a premium upgrades brochure that we can provide if you want to have a look beforehand.

This will provide more certainty on price prior to signing the build contract.

Ready to start your new home?

If you are dreaming about a new home and are looking for a builder in Auckland you can trust, contact Michael Rabey on 021 265 6737.

You can also email at with any questions, or enquire via the Facebook page.

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