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No-Risk Colour Switch

We’re adventurous when it comes to adding some colour to the interior of our homes, so why are we hesitant to add some colour to the exterior of our home?

There’s no need to be apprehensive when you’re selecting the colour scheme for your new home with Colour Switch. There’s no risk involved, if you choose a colour that’s not quite right, simply change it to a colour you love!

How it works

Selecting the colour scheme for your new home is exciting, but it can also be a nerve-racking experience picking the feature colour that gives your home that ‘wow factor’. When things don’t turn out quite as you’d expected, change it up with Colour Switch.

This upgrade allows you to change the colour of a pre-selected section of your home, whether that be a cladded area, feature wall or even the front door, twice during the first 12 months from the date of handover. You can ‘keep things fresh’ by trying an exciting new colour, or simply change to a more neutral tone if you decide that a pop of colour isn’t for you.

Be sure to check our Landscape Reflections for inspiration. For homeowners wanting to add a ‘pop’ of colour then our Colour Pop Concept is another ideal option.

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More exciting Colour Options for your New Home

As well as our Colour Switch options we bring you these other innovative ways to bring colour and style into your new home.

Colour Pop

Our Colour Pop homes showcase a continually evolving palette of exterior house colours that reflect the industry’s most popular trends. Let yourself be inspired by subtle, understated tones or a strikingly unconventional colour palette. You’re only limited by your imagination, the choice is yours with Colour Pop.

Colour Pop

Landscape Reflection

Capture the essence of your favourite landscape or local countryside with the colour scheme of your home. We’re surrounded by beautiful scenery in New Zealand and with our Landscape Reflection homes, you can turn to the visual diversity of our native backdrop for colour inspiration.

Landscape Reflections

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Stroud Homes Colour Switch – Terms & Conditions


1.  Colour Switch is an upgrade option that gives new home customers the ability to request up to 2 colour changes to a pre-selected section of their home within 12 months from the date of handover on many designs and/or facades.


2. Colour Switch is available on new home contracts only from the 25th of August for 2020 applicable designs and/or facades.

3. Colour Switch is not available on all designs and/or facades.

4. Colour Switch is not available at all Stroud Homes offices.

5. Colour Switch is not available to home contracts under construction prior to 25th August 2020.

6. Colour Switch is only available on a selected section of your home determined prior to the time of signing your contract.

7. The section selected for Colour Switch will be clearly specified on the plans (working drawings and specifications).


8. Colour Switch must be a different colour than the existing colour currently shown on the home. The same colour may not be used to ‘refresh’ the existing colour used on the home.

9. Should customers wish to return to their original choice of colour on the 2nd repaint as they preferred the original colour selected, they may do so.

10. Should the customer choose to keep the original or secondary colour of the selected Colour Switch section of their home, another section of the home cannot be repainted in lieu of the existing Colour Switch area.

11. There will be no credit refundable or transferable if the customer chooses not to re-paint the selected Colour Switch section of their home for any reason.

12. All Colour Switch changes must be carried out within 12 months from handover of the new home.

13. Customers may choose to carry out a Colour Switch during construction of the home.

Exclusions / Clarifications

14. Paint and timber staining are not interchangeable with Colour Switch. i.e. a stained door cannot be painted, and a painted door cannot be stained.

15. Should the customer to choose to repaint in a colour with a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of less than 50, the customer must sign off to acknowledge that the colour does not comply with the conditions of Hume Doors & Timbers warranty.

16. Any covenant approvals required are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Our Guarantee

Stroud Homes offers you real guarantees and commitments that will make your home build a stress-free experience.

We’re not a laid-back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know how important it is to make building a new home as worry-free as possible.

We understand what is important to you and your family and our guarantees are there to ensure your peace of mind.

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