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Are you looking to build in the Otego region? Stroud Homes have a wide range of affordable house and land packages in popular areas including Alexandra, Clyde, Twizel, Omarama and more.

We work with leading developers to provide a house and land solution that is right for you. Find the perfect section and build your dream home in any one of these premium locations.

Choose between our popular house plans of single-storey, two storey and lifestyle homes.

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House and Land Packages With Stroud Homes

A house and land package is a great option for those looking to build a new home in a convenient and cost-effective way. These packages include a pre-designed house that is ready to be built on a specific section of land, providing a streamlined building process.

By purchasing a house and land package, buyers will have a clear understanding of the costs of the build and can be sure that the chosen house plan will fit perfectly on the selected section of land.

How do house and land packages work?

House and land packages are great for people who simply love one of Stroud Homes’ standard new home floor plans but don’t own their section of land yet.

Stroud Homes works with local agents and developers to source vacant land in popular suburbs and premium estates, and quote to build turn-key homes on that land.

The packages are then advertised to make it easy for potential clients to know which areas or house plans will fit within their budget. These packages are typically well-thought-out to fit on the specific section of land, including allowances for soil types and any overlays.

Why choose a house and land package?

The main benefits of getting a house and land package are:

  1. Convenience and ease – The perfect house plan has already been picked for a specific section by expert New Home Consultants. The team takes into consideration the best home design to suit the shape and size of the section, including compass aspect, contours (slope), boundary setbacks, flood risk, and more.
  2. Faster timeline – Plans can be sent to the council for approval early as well as any associated reports can be done during the waiting time for land to title and settle.
  3. Competitive pricing – The packages are competitively priced and ready to move in from completion, including standard building approvals and Stroud standard inclusions.
  4. Suitable for first-time buyers and investors – These packages are turn-key and clients can move in, or rent out, almost immediately upon completion.
  5. No hidden costs – The builder provides an accurate representation of the final cost by including popular upgrade options on top of the full range of standard inclusions and taking into consideration the slab type required based on the soil type. This comprehensive quote can also make the borrowing process with your lender more straightforward.
  6. Smooth approval process – As the builder has worked closely with the land developer, the approval process is smoother for you as a client.

Can I still choose my own floor plan?

When purchasing a house and land package from Stroud Homes you don’t have to stick to the advertised plan for the section you love. Our team is more than happy to help you customise the plan or select another floor plan to suit your exact needs.

Many of Stroud Homes’ floor plans have been designed by the customers themselves, who come with a clear vision for the Stroud in-house team to make their dreams a reality. By being involved in the design process, you can include as many different luxury amenities as you wish and your custom-built home will always be completely unique, guaranteeing it will stand out from the crowd.

If you have your own ideas for a custom-built home, our experienced team can help you design it. You can choose between our popular designs of single-storey, double-storey and lifestyle homes, and still make customisations. However, it’s important to note that the price may not stay the same depending on your alterations to the original packages.

Who should choose a house and land package?

House and land packages can be a great option for a variety of clients but particularly for first-time home buyers, first-time builders, and investors.

People building for the first time can benefit from a house and land package as it provides a clear idea of the total cost of building a home on a specific section of land. Things like cut and fill, soil type, water supply, and septic/sewage requirements have already been taken into consideration in the package price. This can help them better plan and budget for their purchase. First-time builders can also appreciate the simplicity and convenience of a house and land package, as it eliminates the need to find and purchase land separately.

Investors will benefit from house and land packages as they provide a turnkey solution for building a property to rent or resell almost immediately after construction.

Finding the right house and land package for you

As land becomes scarce, more people are turning to house and land packages from their local home builders. At Stroud Homes, we offer these house and land solutions as a way to simplify the process of building on a specific block of land. By combining the cost of the land with the cost of one of our house plans, we give you a clear idea of the funds needed

We have house and land packages available for a range of blocks and can help you find the perfect block and build your dream home in any one of our premium housing estates. We create new and exciting house and land packages for our clients all the time.

Why build with Stroud Homes?

When you choose to build with Stroud Homes, you can rest assured that you are working with an award-winning builder known for building high-quality homes, and has received numerous accolades from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association.

Our team of trusted local builders have the knowledge and experience to navigate local council regulations and land development processes, providing you with a smooth and enjoyable building experience. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with our service, Stroud Homes offers a Worry-Free Service Guarantee that includes a full refund of preliminary costs.

Our Guarantee

Stroud Homes offers you real guarantees and commitments that will make your home build a stress-free experience.

We’re not a laid-back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know how important it is to make building a new home as worry-free as possible.

We understand what is important to you and your family and our guarantees are there to ensure your peace of mind.

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