Start Building in 16 weeks with Stroud Homes

Start Building in 16 weeks with Stroud Homes

Publish Date: July 12 2022 by Tim Farland, Stroud Homes Auckland North

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Questions about building

At Stroud Homes Auckland North we understand people are wanting to move into a new home as soon as possible.

In this current environment we are advising new clients to please be patient and understand that we can only do what is in our control.

Outside factors, especially in the pre-construction process, e.g. time in council for building consent, field tests and surveys can take time.

To be as transparent as possible with our clients early on, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions and explain why your home build may take longer than usual.

When can you start building my home if I have building consent?

Once you have building consent we aim to be onsite starting your build within seven working days.

This is provided a water connection has been completed which needs to be requested at least six weeks prior to your consent being issued, so we recommend this is done at the same time your plans go into council.

Are you experiencing any material delays and trade shortages?

This is a common question we get asked and we are in the advantageous position of being on the allocated list for PlaceMakers Northern Hub, our major supplier of building products.

This means that Stroud Homes are a priority customer, and we can obtain all our standard building materials as usual, albeit with some additional delays as previously mentioned. (Builders not on the allocated list are basically shut out and their order won’t be placed.)

Should clients expect further price increases this year?

Last year saw prices for materials from our suppliers increase markedly by up to 30% on some items and subsequently the price to build has gone up.

This was largely due to the pandemic and the restrictions it has imposed on people and goods across the world.

We were hoping to see prices stabilise in 2022, but the reality is that there could be more increases this year and we recommend having an allowance for this in your budget.

Will my home be finished quicker if I choose a standard home plan?

Yes it will, all our plans have been architecturally designed for efficiencies which is why we are so confident in being able to guarantee our build time for our standard plans. We have so many great standard plans to choose from, created to suit every family and every circumstance.

What do you tell people who want to start their build? Any tips?

One of the main tips is to have a detailed brief of the inclusions you’re wanting in your new home, e.g. a dream or vision board! This helps our sales consultants tailor a home specifically to your preferences and speeds up the time that can be lost in making multiple plan changes.

Want to know more?

Contact Michael Rabey on 021 265 6737 or with any questions.

Come in and view our range of quality inclusions and fixtures at our Display Centre and talk to your local Auckland North home builder Michael Rabey.

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