Invest in a Stroud Homes Duplex Dwelling

Invest in a Stroud Homes Duplex Dwelling

Publish Date: January 11 2022 by Shane McMah, Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty

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Now is the perfect time to invest in a duplex!

With land being scarce all around New Zealand at the moment, the  need to create a home that fits a multi-generational family is rising, which means there has never been a better time to invest in a duplex.

With a range of family homes available to build with Stroud Homes, we also offer a range of modern and functional Duplex and Dual Living options.

In this blog we’d like to talk about all the benefits of building a duplex for you as the homeowner, and how we at Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty, are able to help.

Chez Ali 266 Duplex Classic Façade

What is a Duplex?

A duplex design consists of two fully separate dwellings that can be sold under separate titles.

The homes are joined by a common ‘party wall’, and requires some additional paperwork with council, including meeting the relevant zoning requirements.

Some of our most popular duplex designs include the Chez Ali 266, the Roma 426 and the Rangitoto 396.

The benefits:

As housing demand becomes even more important in the future, a Stroud Homes duplex option could be exactly what you need and what the housing market would benefit from also.

An income stream

An income stream

Duplexes and Dual Occupancy or attached granny flats allow you to live in the home but also rent out a separate dwelling or portion creating a side income to assist with cost and loan repayments.

No need to subdivide

No need to subdivide

A duplex does not require subdividing of your section as the dwellings are adjoined, a minimum duplex requires 325m2 of section per dwelling to comply with the local City Plan.



Constructing a duplex as an investment also allows you a higher yield as you can potentially gain more with two separate rents being charged.

Family Sharing

Family Sharing

If you are looking for your first home to get into the market or your parents are looking to downsize, the duplex, dual occupancy and attached granny flat could be a great option to allow you to share the build cost, but most importantly have family close by.


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