The Home Building Process

The Home Building Process

Publish Date: November 5 2021

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Your Home Building Journey!

When deciding you want to build and live in a new home, the process and home building journey can be exciting and stressful, not knowing where to begin becomes overwhelming and often confusing.

That’s why at Stroud Homes Bay of plenty we are here for you.

Our experienced team members offer advice and guidance, and we walk with you every step of the way.

To get some insight into what to expect, follow below steps in the journey to your new home.


The starting point

Often people are unsure where the starting point is when building a new home.

People often think that having finance approved and ready and a section, is the only way builders will talk to them.

At Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty that is not the case, we want to talk to you from the very beginning, where we can discuss your options and really narrow down what it is you are after and introduce you to those professionals (such as mortgage brokers) to get the ball rolling.

Finding your section

It all starts with you, our experienced sales team assists you in finding the right section for you and offers advice on designs that suit with our free site evaluation.

From there once you’ve fallen in love with the section we can assist in negotiations for the purchase of the section.


Selecting the design

Once you own the section, our design team works with you to ensure one of our award-winning designs fits onto the site.

We do this in a practical and efficient way to maximise the key aspects of the site, views, landscape and the Stroud home.

This is all happening with regular updates on progression and keeping you informed along the way.

Product selection and colour choices

From here you work with our in-house interior designer where we help bring your vision into the new Stroud home with product selection and colour choices.

This is the fun part where you get to pick the functional items that you will enjoy using.



We then handover to our construction team, who bring your new Stroud home to life and progress becomes visual.

Whilst in construction you are receiving updates and invitations to walk through your home to get a feel for how things are coming along.

This is when the real excitement kicks in as you really get to see the plans coming together.

Handover day!

We save the best for last, the handover. We present to you your very own Stroud Home.

After handover is when we step into what we call the defects period. During this period, we rely on the help of the new homeowners to note any defects such as leaks that may occur.

We will also check in from time to time over the first few weeks and months.

At about the halfway period in the year, we will have a look over the defects that have been recorded and start preparing to go through that with them at their home.


Get in touch!

If you’re looking for a Bay of Plenty home builder, come on into our Display Centre located at 415 Cameron Rd, Tauranga.

Here you can get a feel for what your new home could look like with our fully loaded inclusions on display.

Please call Mark Hemmings 027 226 9998 to book in or keep up to date with our news via our Facebook page.

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Shane McMah
Shane McMah

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