We use Tile Space: Premium Tiles for Beautiful Homes

We use Tile Space: Premium Tiles for Beautiful Homes

Publish Date: May 12 2023 by Lisa McMah, Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty

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Building High-quality Homes

Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty has established a reputation as a top home builder in the Auckland region, known for creating durable and high-quality homes.

Their partnership with Tile Space, a renowned distributor of porcelain and ceramic tiles, mosaics, and decorative wall tiles in New Zealand, has played a significant role in their success.

Tile Space Tauranga collaborates closely with Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty, providing them with product knowledge, design expertise, and style ideas to help bring their client’s visions to life.

Why Tile Space Tauranga?

Tile Space is proudly Kiwi owned and operated, and they have seven showrooms in Auckland, as well as stores in Wellington, Tauranga, and Hamilton.

With 30 years of experience in the tiling industry, Tile Space has exclusive partnerships with leading tile manufacturers from around the world, providing access to over 200,000m2 of tiles in over 1000 different styles in their Auckland warehouse.

With a nationwide reseller network, they can access Tile Space’s range of tiles from Kerikeri to Invercargill.

They also offer a 15-year system warranty and a ten-year product guarantee, giving Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty and their client’s confidence in their product choices.

Tile Space’s commitment to customer service, extensive product range, and design expertise make them an invaluable partner for Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty, and they look forward to continuing their collaboration in the future.

At Tile Space, the knowledgeable team pride itself on providing excellent customer service and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and designs.


View the latest in tiles

Rebecca and the Tile Space team are always accommodating when it comes to last-minute top-ups, and they provide the best advice when it comes to style and interpretation.

One of the new products that Tile Space has introduced is their InOut Tiles, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These tiles have a beautiful matte finish for indoor tiling and turn porous when wet for a non-slip surface.

Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty had the Tile Space team in their office to do a presentation on this new product during their sales meeting.

Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty doesn’t hesitate to take their clients to Tile Space when they need to visualize what their tiles will look like, and Tile Space even offers a FREE Design Consultation to help bring their client’s dreams to life.


Find out more!

Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty’s partnership with Tile Space has been integral to their success in providing high-quality homes.

Tile Space’s range of tiles, product guarantees, and excellent customer service has made them a valuable partner for Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty.

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