Why Invest in Bay of Plenty

Why Invest in Bay of Plenty

Publish Date: December 20 2022 by Shane McMah, Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty

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About Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty lies east of the Kaimai-Mamuka Ranges and south of the Coromandel Peninsula on the north island.

Tauranga, the major centre for the Bay of Plenty region with a population of 134,000, is only a short drive from other New Zealand hot spots.

This is one of the fastest-growing centres in New Zealand and is the main hub for educations and new business.

As the Bay of Plenty forms part of the Gold Triangle with Auckland and the Waikato, there are plenty of opportunities in both Tauranga and Rotorua cities.


The Lifestyle

From a lifestyle perspective, everything you need for a perfect work/life balance is here – sun, sand, sea and a myriad of great places to eat and shop.

The Bay of Plenty features beautiful harbours, white sandy beaches and a laid back lifestyle. Said to be the sunniest region on the north island, this is a great year-round destination.

The Bay of Plenty is also home to an abundance of orchards, especially citrus and kiwifruit, with the Te Puke, ‘the kiwi fruit capital of New Zealand in the east.

The Property Market

Rents in Tauranga have reached an all-time high this year due to increasing demand and diminishing supply.

The median weekly rent increased by eight per cent year-on-year in April to $630, and most recently to $670.^

In the Bay of Plenty region, the median weekly rent in April was $600, up nine per cent when compared with the same month in 2021.^

A snapshot:

  • Average Weekly Rent Tauranga: $670^
  • Average Weekly Rotorua: $505^

Bay of Plenty:

  • Median House Price Bay of Plenty: $1,002,000*
  • Median House Price Tauranga: $1,126,000*
  • Median House Price Rotorua: $855,000*

*Source: oneroof.co.nz (as at October 2022)

^Source: tenancy.govt.nz


The Infrastructure & Development

Bay of Plenty’s many rail lines, including the most densely used one in the country, and well-developed road infrastructure, are key features in the region’s connectedness to and from surrounding areas.

An ongoing $179 million government-funded roading and infrastructure project is set to allow for the region’s future population growth and industry development.*

The project will include flood and stormwater management, drinking water supply, and road infrastructure.

The funding allocated is expected to enable over 8,000 dwellings over the next 20 years, with over 5,000 of these expected within the next decade.*

* Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/


The Economy

The Bay of Plenty is a thriving, growing region of New Zealand that is ripe with investment opportunities in many industries, reflective of its strengthening economy.

Within close proximity to major industries such as the Waikato Dairy industry and the Bay of Plenty Forestry and Kiwi Fruit Industries, the Port of Tauranga plays a major draw card to attract businesses into the city. This is the largest international seaport for exports and it drives a significant amount of economic activity in the region.

Bay of Plenty’s coastline also plays a pivotal role in the economy. Being rich with natural resources including fertile soil and water contributes to New Zealand’s thriving agriculture, horticulture, and forestry industries. The government is currently investigating other land areas in the region in search of additional economical contributors, including niche crops and honey plantations.


Stroud Homes Investment Homes in Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty home builder Stroud Homes has helped many clients over the years to build investment properties that align with their  budget and generate the return they’ve hoped for.

Our house and land investment packages are affordably priced, available across our Super Six Range of homes and selected standard inclusions home designs, located in superior estates within the Bay.

The Stroud Super Six Range includes six homes around the 180 to 200m2 mark that can be built for under $1,136,000 (including land) making them ideal for investors. While the price point has been reduced through the reduction of luxury inclusions, our quality guarantees remain.

If you want  more information, you can find us located at 415 Cameron Rd, Tauranga or phone 07 55 70020.

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