Avoid Building Delays – Frames & Truss Timber Supply Guaranteed!

Avoid Building Delays
Frames & Truss Timber Supply Guaranteed!

Stroud Homes Christchurch North has a guaranteed supply of frames and trusses.


If you already have been granted a title on your section and you are in the process of submitting consent to council, we can start building your new home in 8-10 weeks.*

*Terms & conditions apply

The right home design for your land

If you have titled land and your new house plan fits within the building envelope, we can assist you to gain a building approval within six weeks.

Don’t delay as we have a limited availability* in our schedule to build 5 new homes in this time frame.

You can choose to go for a design that is outside this building envelope but this could result in you waiting for up to six months for council approval before your build could commence.

Act now!

If you act quickly we can meet you on site and let you know if we can or how we can help you to start building sooner.

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Your Sales Consultant
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Limited to two (2) building contracts per month.
  • Only available to customers of Stroud Homes Christchurch North.
  • Your section must be titled (or close to being titled) and your new home design has to fit within the building envelope.
  • Customising of plans will require additional time and could cause a delay.
  • If all of the above terms and conditions are met, Stroud Homes Christchurch North can assist you to gain a building consent and start building within eight to ten weeks.
  • If town planning is required the project is not eligible due to wait times.
  • Choosing a plan that is outside the building envelope could result in delays of six (6) months or more for building consent and the commencement of your build.
  • Customers own finalised plans will are welcomed.

Our Guarantee

Stroud Homes offers you real guarantees and commitments that will make your home build a stress-free experience.

We’re not a laid-back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know how important it is to make building a new home as worry-free as possible.

We understand what is important to you and your family and our guarantees are there to ensure your peace of mind.

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