100% Real Prices

Stroud Homes is New Zealand’s most upfront builder

All our quotes are black and white, they include everything you need to know and are exceptionally easy to understand. This is not what you typically see in the building industry.

Fixed Price Contracts – No Hidden Costs!

With Stroud Homes’ Fixed Price Contracts there are no hidden fees, no inflated prices and no gimmicky promotions – just 100% real pricing that everyone can understand.

We’re Busting The Trust Busters!

The number of times we’ve heard of stories from average hardworking Kiwis. They all have the dream of building their very own home. Excited by the design and attracted to the price, they put down a deposit to build their dream home. They wait patiently for months for the building company to come back with their final contract and that’s when it happens. The quote they agreed to has little or no resemblance to their building contract!

We hear these horror stories all the time!

We’ve heard of stories from customers of building contracts from other builders varying in price from their original quote some as much as $100,000 and more. Like most people, if you’ve got finance, could you imagine having to go back to the bank months later to ask for more. Even worse, what if the bank won’t help? What options do you have left? Do you go ask your parents to dig into their retirement or pension savings to help you?

It’s been going on in the building industry too long and frankly, we are sick of it!

Turn Key All Inclusive Fixed Price

That’s why at Stroud Homes, we will always give you a complete turn key all inclusive fixed price before we ask you to pay a deposit or sign a contract. Your contract not only includes site costs but also simple items like floor coverings, driveways clothes lines and even letterboxes.

Fixed Price Contracts – No Hidden Fees!

With Stroud Homes’ Fixed Price Contracts there are no hidden fees, no inflated prices and no gimmicky promotions – just real pricing that everyone can understand.

Fully Loaded Inclusions

All Stroud Homes are pre-priced with standard inclusions to take the guesswork out of building. You know upfront exactly what your home will look like and how much it will cost. Our quality range of fittings, colours and finishes is so extensive, your home will look and feel anything but standard.

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Building Guarantees

At Stroud Homes, we understand how important build time is to you. We’re not a laid back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know you need your new home built on time.

That is why Stroud Homes offers a variety of guarantees, with our most important being completing your build in a dedicated timeframe.

We understand what is important to you and your family, that is why all our guarantees will ensure to keep you happy, within your budget, and to your timeframe.

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