Choosing the Right Section

Choosing the Right Section

Publish Date: August 11 2020

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FREE site evaluation at Stroud Homes

Choosing the right section can often be a challenging, stressful and difficult exercise.

At Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty you are offered a FREE site evaluation.

This means the team can visit potential sections that you are interested in and offer their experience, knowledge and guidance on the positive aspects of the site, but also highlight the areas that may cause issues or difficulties.

By utilising the onsite evaluation, you can potentially identify any areas that may need to be addressed during the design stage earlier, saving money on extra design charges, site costs and delays in council approval.

Key factors to consider when choosing a section

When choosing a section, Stroud Homes often look at three key factors;

  1. Price
  2. Size
  3. Gradient (level or sloped)

Generally, the sloped sections are more costly as there are more site works associated to get the section to a suitable building platform.

It is often the case that we need to spend more money to make a sloped section level, whether it is by removing soil to dig down to a level platform or by retaining and building the platform up.

Either way these can be costly exercises and in most instances end up bringing the cost of the sloped section up around the same purchase price as a flat/level section.

This is the question we must ask ourselves when looking at a section, is a cheaper sloped section value for money compared to a level section?

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The lay of the land

Everybody loves to work with a flat level section as it is convenient, easy to access, a more straight forward build and is often completed quicker.

Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty builder Shane and his team enjoy looking at all styles of sections. “We believe that each section comes with its own characteristics and benefits, we look at ways where we can utilise the lay of the land to come up with a design rather then making a design fit to that section,” he says.

“We look at the usual aspects of north facing and sun direction, how we can capitalise on potential views, but most importantly how we can make the design and the section become practical.”

Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty love to be challenged as they know the reward at the end of the project is deserved.

They know clients will be able to enjoy their new home and be satisfied with their decision on choosing the right section for them.

Start your new home journey today!

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Don’t forget to pay a visit to the team’s Design Office at 415 Cameron Road, Tauranga where you can also check out the new Selection studio.

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Shane McMah
Shane McMah

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