Our Quotes are Black & White: Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty

Our Quotes are Black & White: Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty


New Zealand is COVID-19 FREE!

Throughout the restrictions of COVID-19, we have been spending more time in our homes than ever before, which has a lot of us identifying what we don’t like about our current home.

It has provided a space to dream big about our future home.

Now we are moving to alert Level 1, meaning all restrictions are lifted (except stringent border controls) and it’s time to start thinking about your new home journey.

When building with Stroud Homes Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s North Island, you can rest assured you’ll always know what you are paying for and when to pay it, and with no nasty surprises.

We chat to Bay of Plenty builder Shane McMah about what Stroud Homes’ black and white quotes and fixed price contract mean for clients.


Can you explain the basics of a fixed price contract?

Our fixed price contract means that we capture all the items that are required (along with the client’s desired items) into the home at the design brief stage.

This takes the uncertainty of ‘is it included or not’, as the quote is black and white and all inclusions are listed.

The fixed sum provides both ourselves and our customers with a degree of certainty. There are only a few clauses, which are rarely required, for unforeseen circumstances of site conditions.

Where possible we do have any provisional sums priced up by our contractors to give the client that complete fixed cost.

Site works is that one area that the provisional sum can be unknown. This is why we enter into a preliminary agreement to discover the unknowns and allow our contractors to visit the site and have reports to read to produce a quotation.


Can you explain what the Preliminary Process and Preliminary Testing includes?

The Preliminary Process is a set of tasks that are carried out with the clients deposit.

This includes drafting (making the design your own), testing and surveying which enables us to clarify site conditions and documentation preparation (drawings, specification and your contract).

Read more about how Stroud Homes offer all clients a site evaluation FREE of charge, with no strings attached.

The Preliminary Testing includes:

  • Geotech testing
  • Reporting
  • Land surveying
  • Engineered design slab

  • Preliminary plans
  • Resource consent
  • Consent plans

Stroud-Homes-New Zealand Custom-Plan-Design

If there will be any additional expenses, what may these include?

When we price a design we endeavour to have all items included. Any additional expenses would come from the request of the client to add in extra items or change specific products.

An example of this would be; during a scheduled walk through with the electrical contractor prior to the rough in stage, going through each room and physically pointing out the locations of services and the client requesting an additional power point, extra lighting or data outlets.

Unfortunately, there are no allowances in the way of costing or estimates for any variations in the original fixed price contract.

This being said if the client requests to make a change or add/delete an item then a variation can and will be drawn up for approval prior to completing that specific task.


Am I locked into anything when signing a Preliminary Agreement?

The preliminary agreement is not your building contract.

A Preliminary Agreement gives us permission to enter your site to conduct tests and surveys and outlines what your deposit money is spent on.

The test and surveys are covered in your fixed contract price and are not extra costs. The Preliminary Fee is 100% refundable if you do not decide to proceed right up to prior the test being carried out.

Start you new home journey today!

If you have been thinking about building a new home, this is the perfect time. Contact Shane and his formidable team of trades today on 0800 469 787 683 or enquire via their Facebook page.

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