Combine your equity with a dual living home

Combine your equity with a dual living home

Publish Date: June 15 2022 by Craig Shorrock, Stroud Homes Auckland South

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Combined or extended living

Stroud Homes in New Zealand is looking to help clients combat harsh market conditions with interest rates rising and building costs increasing.

“A minor dwelling is a very viable option to have rental returns exceeding the interest on the loan for construction”

This explains Craig Shorrock, who is a home builder in the Auckland South region.

With less land available, fewer rentals and increased living costs, many people are now looking to move in with family. “Dual living is a good way for families to combine their equity  and we have years of experience in building dual living homes for people”.

We chat to Craig about the different options for families as well as investors, and how his team can assist.


Dual living vs Duplex

A dual living occupancy is where extended family can have their own space for living and cooking separate from another section of the house. Dual occupancy homes can also be good for those looking to offer boarding.

This differs from a duplex which is separated with an intertenancy wall which would also usually have two separate legal titles.

In some areas of Auckland you may not be allowed to have two dwellings, which a duplex is classed as, so a dual occupancy design is a great solution for extended family situations.

There are many different council rules to different areas of Auckland depending on your unitary plan location. We will do all the research to find what is possible to be built on your property and provide a number of different options available to you.

Chatham 255 Dual Living House Plan With Coast Façade

Dual living designs

Dual occupancy designs can either include shared living spaces with access to both dwellings from the interior, or separated with two different entries and separate garages. The choice is yours and building a dual occupancy home does not take any longer than building a standard house design.

We have a number of custom plans we have designed to suit the homeowner with a dual occupancy situation.

When we meet, we will discuss the homeowner’s situation and come up with a plan that will work for them and their site. We can come up with a design to suit most building sites to satisfy the requirements of a dual occupancy situation

Minor dwelling with Stroud Homes

A house with an attached minor dwelling is a great way for a family to combine their resources with the parents living in a separate house to the kids.

As the younger generation’s family grows, they can move into the main house and the parents can take the minor unit.

Stroud Homes Auckland South has special expertise in designing and building homes with attached or detached minor dwellings.

Whether it’s a place for your kids to stay while they save for their first home, or a place for your mum and dad – there’s plenty of space for everyone!

Vella 500 Two Storey Duplex Skillion Façade

Auckland Dream Homes

When building a new home with your Auckland South home builder, you can create the home of your dreams. Your imagination is the only limit.

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