Feel certain with a Stroud Homes fixed price contract

Feel certain with a Stroud Homes fixed price contract

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty, you need confidence in your home journey, with no nasty surprises.

This includes a fixed price contract, 81 fully loaded inclusions and easy to understand quotes. And that is exactly what Stroud Homes Auckland North is offering their clients.

“When building with Stroud Homes in Auckland’s North, you can rest assured that you’ll get the home you want, for the price you agreed on,” says Auckland builder Michael Rabey.

“I want people to know that at Stroud Homes Auckland North, we pride ourselves on our all inclusive pricing, which means the price you get in your quote is your contract price.”

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The price is fixed – No PC or PSUM figures

Price is always one of the biggest factors when building a house.

Therefore, at Stroud Homes you always get quoted a ‘fixed price’, allowing the homeowner to know in advance what the house will cost.

This type of contract gives both the home buyer and the builder a predictable scenario, offering stability for both during the length of the contract.

Unfortunately, this is in stark contrast to many other builder’s pricing structure where the ‘base price’ usually appears a lot smaller.

Often times you’ll end up paying big money for extras, such as site costs, allowances and upgrades, come contract signing.

These PC (Prime Cost) or PSUM (Provisional Sum) figures are a way for builders to safe guard themselves from under quoting a build, and can often lead to the build price increasing beyond the budget discussed with clients when quoting the build.

Stroud Homes is upfront with every part of our building process and don’t use PC or PSUM  figures within the quotes.

Only the best quality products & trades

Stroud Homes as a group is growing rapidly across Australia and New Zealand and are strong supporters of using locally made and supplied materials within all builds.

This means that all the builder’s profit from your Stroud home stays in New Zealand.

Where all things are equal, Stroud builders will always buy from a New Zealand supplier instead of an overseas supplier.

This will ensure only the highest quality products and warranties, plus a greener world due to the minimal carbon footprint.

Ready to start your new home?

If you are dreaming about a new home and are looking for a builder in Auckland you can trust, contact Michael Rabey on 021 265 6737 or michael.rabey@stroudhomes.co.nz with any questions, or enquire via the Facebook page.

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