Build in the Backyard Without Subdividing

Build in the Backyard Without Subdividing

Publish Date: March 15 2023 by Craig Shorrock, Stroud Homes Auckland South

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Fantastic news for aspiring homeowners

Are you a parent looking to help your kids get into a new house? Well, we have some great news for you!

Recent changes in planning rules mean that you can now build up to three residential houses on one site without requiring resource consent.

The new rules allow for greater building height about boundaries, and increased building coverage on sites, making it easier to fit a house on the back of your section.

And with the option of building up to three homes on one site, this could potentially give family members ‘free’ land to then build a house.

How the new planning rules work

The new density rules apply to properties in residential zones that are not subject to a qualifying matter.

Most residential homeowners in Auckland’s urban areas will be able to enjoy the new rules under one of three zones:

  1. Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings Zone (allowing for buildings of six storeys or more).
  2. Mixed Housing Urban Zone (allowing for three buildings of up to three storeys).
  3. Low-Density Residential Zone (qualifying matters apply, limited to two storeys).

In a nutshell:

  • Three houses per site permitted – four or more will require resource consent approval.
  • Maximum building height of 12m = 3 storey houses
  • Height in relation to boundary 4 metres and 60 degrees
  • Front Yard 1.5m
  • Side and rear yards 1m
  • 50% site building coverage
  • Reduced minimum outlook spaces
  • Landscape area of 20%
  • Reduced outdoor living space requirements
  • New street window requirements
  • All of these rules can be used for up to 3 lot subdivisions now

What Stroud Homes can do

At Stroud Homes Auckland South, we specialise in designing and building homes with attached or detached minor dwellings.

This means that mum and dad empty-nesters can build a rental property in the form of a minor dwelling (or two) on the back of their existing residential home.

Stroud Homes and Wesubdivide will handle everything for you. You tell us what you want to achieve and we can make it happen:

Get in touch!

Sounds interesting? If you’re wondering what this could mean for you and your family, feel free to get in touch with Auckland South home builder Craig to discuss your opportunities. He will come out and perform an initial Free Site overview  to see if subdivision is possible.

With these new planning rules in place, it’s never been a better time to invest in property and help your kids get into their dream homes.

You can also visit us at our Display Centre in East Tamaki where you can browse a selection of plans from our range of over 120 home designs to find the right plan for your land, family and budget.

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