Knockdown Rebuild Specialists in Auckland

Publish Date: November 26 2021 by Tim Farland, Stroud Homes Auckland North

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Knockdown Rebuild Specialists in Auckland

Unlock your land’s potential with a new home

With land being scarce in Auckland and popular surrounding suburbs, people tend to hold on to sections they already own even if the house they live in is outdated or too small.

Homeowners are faced with the option of undergoing an extensive renovation, or tearing down the old dwelling completely and replacing it with a new home which fits the land and the family better.

“Most homeowners are wanting to upgrade their existing home to a larger footprint and maximise the use of the land,” explains New Home Sales Consultant Tim Farland when we ask him why knockdown rebuilds have become so popular.

We chat to Tim to find out more about the process and to help homeowners decide whether or not a knockdown rebuild (KDRB) is for them.

What are the benefits of a knockdown rebuild?

There are many great benefits of building a new home, and especially when you build with a custom home builder like Stroud Homes.

Imagine a brand-new home in place of the old home you live in now – but so much better! Brand new state-of-the-art inclusions and all backed by the builder’s warranties, in a time and way that is not cost and stress prohibitive.

In the end you get the home you want and that suits you, your land and your lifestyle.

Here are some of the many benefits of our knockdown rebuilds:

  • Improved layout, designed specific to your preferences
  • 10 year new build warranty
  • Lower maintenance costs over time
  • Improved capital gain in a desirable area
  • No changing phone or internet connections
  • Kids can stay at existing schools
  • Get the interior you want in your home.

Being a knockdown rebuild specialist in Auckland, our experience also shows that building new will in most instances cost less than a like-for-like renovation.

Renovations can be very time consuming and labour intensive whereas a new build takes advantage of efficient systems and modern materials.


What should people ask themselves before knocking down?

If you are asking yourself if you should renovate or knockdown and rebuild, it is worth getting a quote for both.

Other questions worth asking yourself before making a decision on either a KDRB or a renovation is:

  • What condition is the current home in?
  • Is the current layout and orientation of the existing home to your liking?
  • Check with local council planning, some areas prohibit this due to historical importance or due to the building being a certain age.
  • How much extra space are you wanting or how extensive are the renovations?
  • Search property prices in the area. Is your home already at the high end for the area? This will determine whether going with a new build is value for money.

If you’re still struggling to make a decision, it’s best to speak to the experts.

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