Landscape Reflections

Introducing Landscape Reflections

A range of stunning new colour schemes

Have you ever wished you could capture the essence of your favourite landscape or local countryside with the colour scheme of your home? We’re surrounded by beautiful scenery in New Zealand and with our Landscape Reflection homes, you can turn to the visual diversity of our native backdrop for colour inspiration.

Be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you!

Ohope 300 Mountain Façade – Fiordland National Park Landscape

The Fiordland National Park provides inspiration for this colour scheme featuring subdued, rustic tones that work beautifully with this Ohope 300 home.

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Milford 274 Skillion Façade – Russells Lupin Fields

Fields of vibrant Russell lupin across The Mackenzie Basin are the inspiration behind this colourful styling of the Milford 274.

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Asher 290 Coast Façade – Coastal Landscape

Our diverse New Zealand coastline provides a rich colour palette that works beautifully on this Asher 290.
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Koru 260 Alpine Façade – Countryside & Farmland Landscapes

The New Zealand countryside is a constant source of colour inspiration and here our Koru 240 takes on the natural tones of our familiar farmland.

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Mahurangi 233 Urban Façade – Lake Wanaka & Lake Tekapo Landscapes

The pastel tones that sweep across Lake Wanaka and Lake Tekapo at dusk bring a subtle earthy pink tone to this Mahurangi 233.

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Tui 227 Sands Façade – Mountainous Alpine Areas & Fiords Landscapes

The Tui 227 Sands Façade serves as a canvas for a cool toned colour scheme inspired by the rustic alpine areas and fiords around New Zealand.

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How it works

We often feel connected to the area where we were raised or a place that holds special meaning to us. Perhaps you grew up at Lake Tekapo surrounded by a perennial display of lupins, or in a picturesque coastal town, being in these areas will always feel like home.

You may find yourself drawn to a subdued colour palette reminiscent of the lake where you spent your childhood holidaying with your parents. You may find yourself drawn to the rich, earthy tones of the mountainous landscape where you spent your youth farming cattle. Our connection with a place, past or present is as unique as we are.

Have your home embody it’s surroundings or harness the aesthetics of a place that you’re forever fond of.

Meet with your Stroud Homes Colour Consultant and let them help you evoke the feeling of being home with Landscape Reflections.

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More exciting Colour Options for your New Home

As well as our Landscape Reflections options we bring you these other innovative ways to bring colour and style into your new home.

Our Colour Pop homes showcase a continually evolving palette of exterior house colours that reflect the industry’s most popular trends. Let yourself be inspired by subtle, understated tones or a strikingly unconventional colour palette. You’re only limited by your imagination, the choice is yours with Colour Pop.

Colour Pop

With Colour Switch, you can request two colour changes to a specified section of your home within 12 months from your handover date. Recolour a feature wall, a cladded section or even the front door if you choose. You can ‘keep things fresh’ by trying an exciting new colour, or simply change to a more neutral colour if you decide that a pop of colour isn’t for you.

Colour Switch Text

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