Nervous about build times & supply issues? Talk to Stroud Homes

Nervous about build times & supply issues? Talk to Stroud Homes

Publish Date: March 25 2022 by Craig Shorrock, Stroud Homes Auckland South

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A nationwide issue

There is no secret that home builders all across New Zealand have been battling shortages in basic materials, which in some cases have more than doubled the build times frames for a new home build.

The increased demand in residential building consents, combined with a scarcity of labour needed to make the materials, and a shortage of the materials needed to make specific building products, is what has caused the current situation.

We keep our builds running

Local Auckland home builder Craig Shorrock understands people’s frustration with the situation, and their hesitation to build a new home in the current climate.

He wants to reassure people that Stroud Homes have the ability to complete their builds within reasonable time frames, despite the material delays.

“Our jobs are running as close to program as could be,” says Craig.

“With our organisation and ordering systems we use at Stroud Homes, along with the great trades and suppliers we use, we are receiving the materials required on time to keep our builds running.”

“Yes, it is a challenge and a lot of time is spent on following up and ensuring supply times are going to be met, but we saw early on that this was going to be the new norm and acted quickly ensuring we kept ahead of the eight ball.”

Craig urges people to get in touch with his team if they have any questions or concerns.


Compare Builders

If you’re thinking about building, start by driving around the local estates and see how long homes have been sitting with slabs on the ground.

That’s how you know how long it will take to build with that particular builder.

Make sure you choose a builder who has quality processes and procedures in place to get you into your home. There will be delays but it shouldn’t be a 12 months construction period.

“Having positive relationships with your suppliers and contractors is more important than ever. We are pleased that our commitment to our partnerships have endured through these difficult times.”

“Come in and see us and let us show and guide you through how we can build your home with as little stress as possible in these challenging times.”

Warrington 169 Scandi Façade

Build with an established local builder!

Stroud Homes have material available and the team is ready to help you get your new home dream underway without major delay!

They are local home builders who specialise in creating contemporary, convenient, stylish and sustainable homes. They have many contemporary house plans for you to choose from, and they can all be modified & customised to suit your specific requirements.

Contact the award-winning builders on 0211 998 519 or fill out the form below.

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