Stroud Homes Façades

Stroud Homes Façades

Publish Date: July 15 2022 by Craig Shorrock, Stroud Homes Auckland South

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Fantastic façades

At Stroud Homes we have over 140 standard house plans with multiple façade options for each plan.

The façade is largely what sets the tone for the rest of the home and we believe people should have options to suit them and their taste, and allow clients to choose any façade to any design where possible.

The choice is completely yours!

When you build with Stroud Homes, every customer receives a free two hour colour consultation with one of our talented interior designers as part of our Fully Loaded Inclusions package. Let yourself be inspired, subtle understated tones or a strikingly unconventional colour palette.

We can also alter our façades to a combination of two or more façade options, or come up with a whole new look. You’re only limited by your imagination, the choice is yours.

After all, we’re building YOUR dream home, not ours.

Kingfisher 247 Scandi Façade

Popular façades

The scandi façade is becoming very popular with the gable ends and vertical cladding along with cedar and schist added in to give it the wow factor.

This minimalistic façade focuses on clean, simple lines and a neutral colour palette, without sacrificing on beauty.

Design and building trends are always changing over the years and people’s taste in façades is no different, therefore Stroud Homes’ customers now have more new home façades to choose from than ever before.

Having the range of different façades to choose from gives the ease of ability to choose preferred looks and budgets.

Marlborough 165 Classic Façade


Keep in mind the maintenance of the material. The material you choose should age well with little upkeep required.

As all Kiwis know, brick is the ultimate in cladding for low maintenance. However, brick doesn’t give the ability to change the external colour of your house very easily as a weatherboard cladding does.

You can always ask your local Stroud Homes builder which façade and what material will best suit your home design, area and climate.


The choice is yours, but remember…

When choosing a standard house plan, the process to obtain building consent and get started is very quick. Once modifications are made to a plan, this adds time each time a change is made with re-drawing and reviewing/approving.

We understand that building your home is no small task in decision making, so Stroud Homes will assist with any changes and advise on the best and most efficient way to build to get the best value for money.

We have a number of custom design builds on hand to view in our display centre, and encourage you to come in and see the bespoke designs that we can provide.

Kakapō 234 Scandi Façade

Get in touch!

When building a new home with your Auckland South home builder, you can create the home of your dreams.

Browse a selection of plans from our range to find the right plan for your land, family and budget.

Call Director Craig on 0274 394 356 our Sales Consultant Andy on 0211 998 519, or send them a direct message.

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