Sustainable Building with Our Local Supplier Nebulite

Sustainable Building with Our Local Supplier Nebulite

Publish Date: May 12 2023 by Craig Shorrock, Stroud Homes Auckland South

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As a local home builder in Auckland South, Craig Shorrock and his team at Stroud Homes are dedicated to constructing high-quality and sustainable homes for their local community.

It is their mission to provide the best materials for their customer’s forever homes, and they believe in using local suppliers and businesses as much as possible in doing this.

One of their key suppliers is Nebulite Windows and Doors – a well-known and NZ made and owned trusted window supplier.


About Nebulite

Nebulite has been a market leader in product development since 1968, building its reputation on a commitment to innovation and quality.

They were the first to develop and market the revolutionary passive ventilation system, Supervent™, which is now an integral part of many window systems.

Over the years they have developed a philosophy of tailoring their products and services to specific consumer needs, creating tailor-made solutions that enhance the natural benefits of homes.


Why Nebulite

Stroud Homes Auckland South values its relationship with Nebulite for several reasons:

  • Firstly, Nebulite always delivers on time with no errors, which is rare in the window industry.
  • Secondly, they are quick to carry out site glazing and any adjustments that may be required after installation.
  • But maybe most important of all, Kevin Sandberg, the rep from Nebulite Auckland in East Tamaki, is providing a service that goes above and beyond other suppliers. He is always a pleasure to deal with, checking orders before manufacturing and following up with the project manager after delivery.

During the supply issues and price rises throughout the industry, Nebulite kept in contact with Stroud Homes Auckland South and gave plenty of notice of potential delay issues or cost increases on the horizon.

This allowed them to keep their projects running without a delay for their window delivery and provided plenty of warning to their clients of cost increases coming, giving them the ability to purchase the product early enough to avoid a cost increase.


The ideal window solution

Overall, Nebulite provides outstanding service and is a great supporter of Stroud Homes Auckland South’s business.

The aluminium windows and doors offered by Nebulite™ allow Stroud Homes to incorporate all the aspects necessary to make their homes practical environments while enhancing the overall style and aesthetics.

Stroud Homes Auckland South trusts Nebulite to provide the ideal solution to best enhance the natural benefits of their homes.

They encourage their customers to talk to them about providing cost-effective and practical design solutions for their next project.


Get more info!

If you’re interested in building a sustainable and high-quality home in Auckland, Stroud Homes Auckland South can provide you with many contemporary house plans that can be modified and customised to suit your specific requirements.

You can call builder Craig at 0211 998 519 or email to discuss building a better way.

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