The Importance of Site Evaluations

The Importance of Site Evaluations

Publish Date: April 13 2023 by Craig Shorrock, Stroud Homes Auckland south

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Building your dream home

Are you considering building a new home with Stroud Homes Auckland South?

Before you start designing your dream home, it’s crucial to understand the significance of a site evaluation.

Let’s explore why you need a site evaluation, what you can discover about your land, how to prepare for it, and why Stroud Homes offer a free site evaluation.

Why do I need a site evaluation and what can I find out about my land?

A site evaluation is a critical first step in the home-building process. It involves a thorough assessment of your land or section.

During the evaluation, the positioning of your house to maximise sunlight will be determined, taking into consideration the orientation of your land and the sun’s movement throughout the day. This information is crucial in determining the ideal positioning of your living rooms to make the most of the afternoon and evening sun, and your kitchen to make the most of the morning sun.

Additionally, a site evaluation will identify if any site retaining work is required and provide an estimate of the associated costs.

How do I best prepare for my site evaluation?

To make the most of your site evaluation, it’s essential to come prepared.

Have a clear idea of how many bedrooms you want in your new home, whether you prefer a single-storey design or a double-storey home, and the total square meterage (m2) of the home you desire.

This information will help the Stroud Homes team better understand your requirements and tailor their recommendations to suit your needs.

Stroud Homes offer a site evaluation for free, is this normally something builders offer?

No, it’s not common for builders to offer a free site evaluation, as it requires time and effort from their team.

However, Stroud Homes Auckland South believes that a site evaluation is a crucial step to avoid unnecessary changes to plans once construction has started.

By offering a free site evaluation, Stroud Homes aim to provide a valuable service to their clients and ensure that their homes are positioned optimally on their land.

When in the process of building my home will the site evaluation take place?

The site evaluation is conducted as the very first step in the home-building process with your Auckland South builder.

Before any plans are finalised or construction begins, the site evaluation is carried out to gather crucial information about your land and make informed decisions about the design and positioning of your home.

This ensures that your home is designed to make the most of your site’s unique characteristics.

Do I have to commit to building with Stroud to get the free site evaluation?

No, there is no commitment required to have Stroud Homes Auckland South conduct a free site evaluation for you.

The site evaluation is offered as a standalone service to help you understand your land’s potential and make informed decisions about your home’s design and positioning.

You can use the information gathered during the site evaluation to make an informed decision about whether Stroud Homes is the right builder for your needs.

Who will conduct my site evaluation?

Your site evaluation will be conducted by Stroud Homes Auckland South’s new home consultant, who is an expert in assessing the land and understanding its unique characteristics.

Depending on the nature of your site, a project manager and/or quantity surveyor may also visit your site to gather additional information.


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