Why get a House & Land Package with Stroud Homes?

Why get a House & Land Package with Stroud Homes?

Publish Date: February 13 2020

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Craig Shorrock onsite of knock down rebuild in south Auckland

All in one package

At Stroud Homes, we are always looking out for sections which we believe are well priced and located, and which would appeal to a large audience in and around Auckland’s southern suburbs.

We look at the sites and establish what house from our range of plans would be best suited for the land and its position.

Then we work out any site works costs that would be required, drainage and services, and put a package together for an end price for the house, land and all the site works.

This way, it is easy for the client to see in front of them what they are getting, and for how much they are getting it – it’s all very black and white, just like our quotes.

Stroud Homes Auckland South builder Craig Shorrock talks House and Land Packages with us.

Onetangi 325 Double Storey Mountain Façade

What are the benefits of buying a house and land package?

The price of a newly completed house is the cost of the land, the site works, plans, building consents, the construction costs and landscaping.

However, often there are finance holding costs added to this, and possibly a profit margin for the developer built into the end price.

When we put a house and land package together, you are saving on these extra costs of margins and finance holding costs, ultimately giving you instant equity in your purchase.

The other advantage of purchasing a house and land package, prior to being built, is you can customise the house to your individual requirements and taste.

You can even change the house design to a totally different design from our range of over 125 plans.

Auckland South knock down rebuild demolition by earthmoving equipment

Why are House & Land packages so popular in your area?

A house and land package in an already well established suburb is very popular for people looking for a brand new house in the neighborhood that they are used to living in.

It can be difficult to find sections in these areas though. In these cases, it could be an option to purchase and existing older house, knock it down, and build new.

Often, an old house will sell for what the land would be worth as a section anyway.

We are building up our list of house & land packages regularly and spreading these over all suburbs, including Alfriston, Botany, Beachlands, Takanini, Papakura and Whitford, so keep an eye out for these opportunities:

A selection of our House & Land Packages:

See all House & Land Packages

Our price includes site costs, floor coversing and driveway. No hidden costs.

Anything not included in your house and land packages?

With our total house and land package, the only items that you need to budget for, are your window coverings, and any hard landscaping that you may want to do.

Everyone has individual tastes for landscaping, so we leave this to the end purchase.

We allow for standard fencing and topsoil and grass to complete the home.

See our New Home Inclusions

At Stroud Homes we include everything – there are no hidden costs!

customise our plans

If you find a section you love but don’t like the house, can you choose another design that will work for you?

If the design we have chosen to go onto a section isn’t exactly what you are after, this can be modified or changed to suit your requirements.

One of the main benefits of building your own home is every room can be designed exactly how you want it.

You can include as many different luxury amenities as you wish and your custom built home will always be completely unique, guaranteeing it will stand out from the crowd.

Alternatively, any of our other designs can be used that will fit on the site.

Read more about how we can modify and customise your plans.

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