Why getting a House & Land Package is a good idea

Why getting a House & Land Package is a good idea

Publish Date: August 16 2022 by Craig Shorrock, Stroud Homes Auckland South

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Risk of buying land without a house

When you purchase a new section, you then need to approach a home builder and design a home to suit the land. Speaking to your builder,  you may well find that you can’t build the home you were hoping to for one reason or another.

One being the house you thought you could build, will not fit on the site. Another reason may be the cost of the house build, when added to the price you have paid for the land, exceeds your budget. The land you’ve bought might be tricky to build on and will jack up the price of the home built on it.

Buying land separate from the house always includes unknown variables and can cause potential budget blowouts. So how can clients avoid this?

By buying a pre-priced house and land package! The main reason Stroud advertise packages is so you can see a total price rather than having everything separate for you to work out on your own such as price for the home, inclusions, and the land. Here’s what you need to know:

Stroud Homes House & Land Packages

When purchasing a house and land package, we have done all the homework and worked out what plan works best on the site and costed in all the works required to build the home, so you know what the total end price is going to be.

With a house and land package, our price listed includes the cost of the land and the cost of the build including plans, building consent and the build.

Once the purchaser is happy with the design and budget, the land is then purchased from the vendor of the land, and a build contract is entered into with Stroud Homes to complete the build.

If you have an idea of the design you would like built, we can price this option, ensure that it works on the land and recommend any changes that may be required to make it work more efficiently.

Choose between our popular designs of single-storey, double-storey and lifestyle homes. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, please contact us. Any of our plans can be modified and adjusted to suit personal requirements.


So, what’s included in a house & land package?

At Stroud Homes Auckland South, we offer both turn key and complete build with a few items excluded.

When a contract is not ‘turn key’ the costs not included are: landscaping, fencing & gates, and window coverings. We can assist with all these items if the homeowner wants a one stop shop, so they can just move in and have everything complete.

Many of these packages are well suited to first home buyers, as it helps buyers eliminate any variables that they would otherwise be unsure of.

Premium upgrades are generally left out of house and land packages, although can be added at a cost at your request.

Mahurangi 220 Two Storey Scandi Façade

Where can I buy house & land?

Take a look at our latest house and land packages available. We work with leading developers to provide a house and land solution that is right for you.

Find the perfect section and build your dream home in any one of these premium locations, from Flat Bush to Karaka, Clevedon and more.

There are new developments in the planning at the moment with titles six months to a year away. The sites are selling very fast due to the lack of sections available.

At the moment there are sites available in Clevedon and Karaka. Get in fast and contact us to get all the information on these sites!

Although the media reports a downturn and prices dropping on house sales, land will always be a good investment, and will only ever go up over the coming years.


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