Why you should knock down instead of renovate

Publish Date: October 18 2021

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Why you should knock down instead of renovate

Love where you live but not the home you live in?

We’re pretty sure we’ve said it before, houses are selling like hot cakes around the Auckland region which is making it near impossible for potential homebuyers to secure somewhere new to live.

If you already own a home it might be worth looking into how you can turn that house into your dream home without moving.

That leaves you two options; renovate or knock-down & rebuild.

Luckily, Stroud Homes Auckland South specialises in knock-down rebuilds and are able to transform your current building into your dream home.

Why knock-down rebuild instead of renovating?

The benefits of knocking down your existing house rather than trying to renovate or add to your house are plentiful.

Firstly, you will know all the final costs before you start, whereas with a renovation, there are many unknown costs.

Renovations usually take months and can easily blow out the budget. It’s often not until a renovation is complete that the owner will realise that, for not a lot more, they could have started from scratch and ended up with a brand new house.

Secondly, a knock-down rebuild provides a blank canvas for a new home design, new spaces, and the ability to grow into the home for many years. Many old homes weren’t built and positioned to maximise the good sun, natural cooling and heating and the views and the breezes. We can work with you to acquire these ideal conditions.

Also, Stroud Homes can incorporate a shed or a pool in the backyard as well under the same contract. Or even a detached granny flat for when guests arrive.

With a knockdown-rebuild, there really are no challenges for the builder, as opposed to a renovation which is full of unknowns and challenges.

Before you knock down

You need to ask yourself, are you confident that the costs you have been given, or estimated for a renovation/alteration, are accurate and has enough been allowed as a contingency?

Now when comparing these costs (with the correct contingency allowance), what is the cost difference between the renovation and new build, and is that cost difference worth the compromise of not having everything brand new?

Very often, a renovation will appear to be less than re-building, but once you get to the end of the renovation, the realisation of the costs being the same as a new build hit home and regret will sink in that a new build was not considered properly at the outset.

A new build is going to generate more value than an renovation instantly, and will appreciate faster than a renovated house

Also, if your project is an investment property, then there could be tax benefits to having a new build rather than a renovation.

Your knock-down rebuild expert in Auckland

With our comprehensive packages we can do much more than just build you the home of your dreams!

At Stroud Homes, we can handle all aspects of the process – rental home search, move out, storage, utility disconnections, all aspects of demolition works, pool, landscaping works, move-in and more!

Zoom allows us to browse a selection of plans from our range of over 120 home designs to find the right plan for your land, family and budget.

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