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Publish Date: May 4 2022 by Indy King, Stroud Homes Christchurch North

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Building your dream custom home

We create dream homes

If you are looking to build a new home and you have your own ideas, then Stroud Homes Christchurch North can help you design and create your own custom-built home – exactly the way you’ve imagined it.

“Many of the homes we build have been designed by our customers who come to us with a clear vision, we just help them to make their dreams a reality.” says local home builder Jamie Gwilliam.

In this blog we look at the process of creating your dream home, from idea concept to home plans and modifications.


Make it uniquely yours

One of the main benefits of building your own home is every room can be designed exactly how you want it.

Stroud Homes can provide you with a quote from plans you may already have, or the team can help you to draft out the ideas you have in your head. In fact, they encourage it!

During the design stages you can add as many luxury amenities as you wish, to ensure your custom-built home will always be completely unique and stand out from the crowd.

“The needs of all our customers are at the core of what we do and we’re only happy to crete something new and unique,” says Jamie.

“With our vast experience in the building industry and your ideas, we know we can build a unique and stylish home for you and your family.”


Bring your own plans

If you’d like to bring in your own ideas, Stroud Homes highly recommend you have any plans professionally drawn out.

The more accurate they are, the more precise our quote will be.

If you haven’t had your plans professionally drafted, then Stroud Homes can draft your hand-drawn plans on a computer or help you find a trusted and reliable architect should you require one.

Come into Stroud’s Display Centre in Rangior and talk to your local Christchurch North home builder Jamie Gwilliam on how to best draw up your plans. He can also refer you to Stroud Homes’ own architect to professionally do this for you.

Kōwhai 237 Mountain Façade Stroud Homes New Zealand-53

Modified Plans

Any of Stroud Homes’ plans can be modified to suit the clients’ preferences, needs and dreams. Although in some cases these may become options of upgrades from our standard inclusions.

“We understand that building a home is highly personal and also one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make, so we want to assist as much as possible with modifications,” says Jamie.

“The majority of our builds at present have had modifications from clients to suite their individual needs and to make it there own. That’s the beauty of building.”

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Stroud Homes Christchurch North specialises in creating contemporary, convenient, stylish and sustainable houses.

All our contemporary house plans can be modified to suit your specific requirements.

Contact Jamie Gwilliam on 027 275 4099 to book and appointment. If you prefer, please contact us to arrange a virtual meeting or tour:

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