Minor Dwellings: Help your kids save for their first home

Minor Dwellings: Help your kids save for their first home

Publish Date: March 1 2022 by Craig Shorrock, Stroud Homes Auckland south

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Build a Minor Dwelling with Stroud Homes

A house with an attached minor dwelling is a great way for a family to combine their resources with the parents living in a separate house to the kids.

As the younger generation’s family grows, they can move into the main house and the parents can take the minor unit.

Stroud Homes Auckland South has special expertise in designing and building homes with attached or detached minor dwellings.

Whether it’s a place for your kids to stay while they save for their first home, or a place for your mum and dad – there’s plenty of space for everyone!


Attached or Stand Alone?

An attached minor dwelling is an ideal living solution for an extended family wanting to have all the benefits of living under the one roof, while still enjoying separate living spaces and privacy.

Another option is to rent out the minor unit to supplement your income to repay your mortgage.

A bank will often look more favourably on a loan for a house and minor unit than a single house due to the rent that can be generated.

A stand alone minor dwelling can be built on the front or rear of your existing site, with the returns in rent often being higher than the interest on the loan taken out to build the unit.

Milford 375 with Minor Dwelling Classic Façade

Stroud Homes Options

Your Auckland South builder can add a minor dwelling to any standard house design to make it fit on your site.

Stroud Homes have a number of house and minor dwelling options available, along with stand-alone minor dwellings.

Depending on your location, under the unitary plan minor dwellings can often be added to your property without the need for a resource consent.

A minor dwelling needs to be under 65m2. Within this space two bedrooms can comfortably fit, giving great rental return, or a place for family or visitors to stay.


Minor dwellings in the making

Stroud Homes Auckland has built, and is in the process of building, a number of minor dwellings for a mixture of clients requirements, including as a rental property, families and grandparents or for extended family.

You can check out the Facebook page for recent build updates

The team is currently in the process of building a showhome, the Clevendon Hamptons façade, which is a 2 level 4 bedroom home with a 2 bedroom attached minor dwelling. Contact us to view the plans for this design.


Get the home of your dreams

When building a new home with your Auckland South home builder, you can create the home of your dreams. Your imagination is the only limit.

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