Need more space? Build a Minor Dwelling!

Need more space? Build a Minor Dwelling!

Publish Date: February 24 2022 by Tim Farland, Stroud Homes Auckland North

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More space or a second income?

With land scarcity becoming a reality in more suburbs around Auckland, people are needing new solutions for multi-generational housing.

A popular solution has been to add a minor dwelling separate to the main dwelling or alternatively attach the minor dwelling to the main house already in construction stages.

Minor dwellings also work beautifully as a rental income for short term/holiday rentals such as Airbnb or more long-term arrangements.

Stroud Homes Auckland North has an extensive range of home designs that tailor perfectly to all manner of family requirements including homes with attached and standalone minor dwellings as well as dual living homes.

In this blog post we learn more about minor dwelling builds with Stroud Homes.

Tairua 78 Stand Alone Minor Dwelling Manuka Façade

Attached or stand-alone minor dwellings?

It really depends on the situation, standalone minor dwellings give more privacy yet the attached minor dwelling has better security and a more cost effective option compared to a stand-alone.

Both options will enhance the resale value of the home and are perfect should you want to rent it out to earn some extra income.

The experienced home builder currently offers eight different attached minor dwelling layouts and seven stand-alone designs, ranging from our classic hipped roof designs to contemporary skillion and scandi façades.

Local council planning requirement

Minor dwellings are available on all Stroud Homes Designs. In Auckland it’s permissible to build an attached or stand-alone minor dwelling up to 65m2 without having to get a resource consent.

Auckland Council do however charge a development fee for a minor dwelling option which is approximately $16,000.


Minor dwelling features, bedrooms & space

All Stroud’s minor dwelling designs include two bedrooms so designed to house up to three people.

You are presented the option of Stroud Homes’ standard inclusions, and depending on a client’s situation, your home builder can exclude some items so it’s a less costly build, e.g. laminate benchtops instead of stone.

Minor dwellings are often built for investment purposes so people tend to save on the extras, as opposed to building for elderly parents, then clients want standard specifications and upgrades.

Most stand-alone minor dwelling options include a covered alfresco area and optional carport.


Minor dwelling build underway

Stroud Homes Auckland North are currently building a minor dwelling in Snells Beach.

This is for a lovely couple who wanted a spacious home where they could welcome family in the main dwelling and also have the ability to earn some extra income as they’re nearing retirement.

It was a tight fit but working with the in-house designer, the team managed to make it work and settled on the Milford 190 design and added a one room attached minor dwelling with its own private outside area whilst still maintaining privacy.

We can’t wait to see the finished home!

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