Love where you live but not the house you’re in?

Publish Date: January 22 2024 by Stroud Homes New Zealand

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Love where you live,
but not the house you’re in?

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In today’s world it’s a common dilemma, especially with the scarcity of land and rising property prices.

If you already own land but find yourself longing for a new home, the decision often comes down to an extensive renovation or a knock-down rebuild.

We understand how challenging it can be to choose the right path. In this blog, we aim to provide you with some key things you should consider before committing to that renovation.

Assessing the Scope

One of the first crucial factors to consider is the scale of the project required to renovate and transform the current house into your dream home. This evaluation will determine both the size and cost of the entire venture.

Other significant considerations include:

  • The inconvenience of living in a house during renovations
  • The challenge of modernising an older home
  • The risk of over-capitalising in certain areas

While these factors are essential to consider, let’s explore why a knock-down rebuild might be a more enticing option.

Advantages of Knock Down Rebuild

More and more homeowners are opting for rebuilding over renovating, and the advantages are becoming increasingly apparent.

These include:

  • Choosing a home design that perfectly aligns with your expectations
  • Minimal maintenance – move in and experience less hassle
  • Predictable costs – no unexpected surprises that often accompany renovations
  • Loving your current location – finding suitable land nearby can be challenging
  • Maintaining connections your community – clubs, gyms, and more
  • Maximising your block with a well-thought-out design
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Getting Started

If a knock-down rebuild is on your mind, consider reaching out to us at Stroud Homes. Our teams, located across experts in knockdown rebuilds, and offer a plethora of home designs suitable for various terrains, from sloping blocks to narrow plots. Whether you choose from our existing designs or bring your own, we can customise it to perfectly suit your land!

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