Choosing the Colour Scheme for Your New Home

Choosing the Colour Scheme for Your New Home

Publish Date: April 26 2024 by Stroud Homes New Zealand

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The Colour Selection Consultation

Choosing your colour scheme is one of the most exciting steps in the home-building process.

Once your preliminary site testing and planning are completed, and you’re satisfied with your floor plans, selecting colours is the next step before signing your final building contract.

We’ve found that navigating through the colour selection can sometimes be challenging for homeowners. At Stroud Homes, we aim to make the process of choosing colour schemes and interiors as stress-free as possible, helping you bring your vision to life with our complimentary interior design consultation.

Here’s how we guide you through the process:

The Consultation Process

First – Colour Consultation!

The first step is an in-depth conversation with our experienced colour consultant. This consultation will help you work through many factors involved in deciding on a winning colour scheme, including:

  • establishing your personal taste in colour
  • determining how colour will be influenced by light and shade and home orientation
  • the tone or mood you wish to create in different living spaces
  • how best to work in with existing furniture or new furniture you plan to buy for your new house
  • complementing views from windows and open spaces.

You’ll also delve into every aspect of your home, selecting materials, fittings, and fixtures, as well as an array of other accessories.

Second – Choosing Tiles!

Then, you’ll visit our tile supplier’s showroom to select tiles for your entire home, from the bathrooms to the kitchen.

Third – Reviewing Choices!

You’ll then revisit all selections made so far, making any necessary adjustments or approvals.

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What to Expect

We encourage our homeowners and any support individuals to attend all appointments. Throughout each meeting, our team members will provide friendly guidance.

By the end of these appointments, every design aspect of your home will be covered! From roof and brick colours to paint colours, cabinetry, electrical and plumbing fixtures, and more. Our priority is to ensure you’re delighted with every item in your home.

We like to be clear and upfront about the colour selection process, our plan of action, the various meetings, and what to expect. We understand this can be a very daunting process for many.

Our goal is to ensure you’re confident and satisfied with your selections!

Preparing for Your Consultation

To assist you, we provide brochures such as our Construction Selection Guide, showcasing our entire standard range with information on suppliers and manufacturers.

We encourage homeowners to familiarise themselves with these standard inclusions beforehand.

Additionally, we welcome wish lists, inspiration photos, mood boards, and Pinterest boards to help conceptualise your vision for your new home.

We encourage wish lists, inspiration photos, mood boards, and pinterest boards full of ideas that our home owners love and would like to recreate in their own homes. The more ideas our owners have, and the clearer their visions are for their new homes, the more productive and successful the meetings will be!

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Trends in Interior Design, Colours & Tiles

A prevalent trend we’ve noticed is the use of luxurious and sleek coloured fittings, fixtures, and accessories. Whether it’s Matte Black door handles or Brushed Gold tapware, these upgrades add a touch of sophistication to any modern home.

Many homeowners are also experimenting with tiles, incorporating multiple feature tiles in deluxe colours or patterns throughout their homes. Upgrading the tile lay pattern to options like herringbone, French lay, or basket weave is another trend we’re seeing.


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