8 Common Myths About Building a Home

8 Common Myths About Building a Home

Publish Date: November 29 2023

Information contained in this blog is correct at the time of publishing.

First-time home builders often fall for industry myths. Luckily at Stroud Homes, as experienced local builders, we’re here to bust eight common misconceptions about building a home.

Myth 1. If your section is classified as ‘flat land’ the land is flat

While the finished ground level may seem flat, the depth of fill beneath the ground level to the foundation placement depth may vary.

This will determine the amount of site work involved in construction.

That is why Stroud Homes recommends having a site inspection performed before purchasing your section, to gain an understanding of the requirements to build on the land, and whether it is going to be suitable.

Myth 2. New builds cost more than renovating

Renovations or additions to existing homes can start off on budget. However, all it takes is for issues to arise with old plumbing pipes or electrical wiring, foundations, or rotting timber, and the budget can quickly blow out.

New builds offer certainty.

With real priced quotes, new builds can help eliminate unforeseen cost blowouts, plus owners have the comfort of knowing the running costs of the home will be efficient, with up-to-date energy-efficient designs and inclusions.

When choosing to build a new home with  Stroud Homes, we offer black-and-white quotes, so you know exactly how much your build will cost before the process begins.

Myth 3. Buying pre-owned is more environmentally friendly

Not necessarily; running costs of older homes can cost a lot and can cause more harm to the environment. New builds feature sustainable materials and efficient designs that help to offset the environmental impact.

At Stroud Homes, we are passionate about building healthy and sustainable homes, keeping the environment in mind throughout the building process.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality homes, that are well-insulated, meaning you and your family stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our team of local builders can provide expert advice on the best orientation for your home to make the most of Mother Nature!

Myth 4. All homes cost the same per square meter to build

Despite sharing common features like kitchens, bathrooms, and doors, direct cost-per-m2 comparisons between small and large homes are challenging due to various factors.

However, on average, the smaller the home, the more it costs to build per m2 compared to larger homes.

Myth 5. I have to secure my section of land before sourcing a builder

Not true!

The advantage of sourcing your builder prior to securing your section is that your builder may offer insights or advice to assist you in your land purchase decision-making.

Stroud builders can flag key considerations early, such as site costs and building code requirements, which are important to factor into your land purchase budget.

Myth 6. House and land packages offer no flexibility on floor plans and finishings

Depending on your builder, Stroud Homes can offer great flexibility with our designs and finishings to meet your budget and preference.

Myth 7. You should base your choice of home builder on the lowest quote

As the old saying goes, the ‘poor man pays twice’. The lowest price may mean minimal inclusions, and you may be left paying for upgrades you thought were included. Lowest quotes can also mean your new home is being built with the minimal structural requirements, often leaving you with headaches down the line.

Stroud Homes recommends comparing apples with apples and understanding exactly what is included, from frame spacing to fixing methods right through to floor coverings and more.

At Stroud Homes, with every build, we provide over 90 Fully Loaded Inclusions. Some of our key inclusions are: stainless steel appliances, chrome tapware throughout, a choice of floor tiles or vinyl planks throughout the living spaces, carpets in all the bedrooms and even a 60m2 concrete driveway.

Look for warranties, quality of brands used and, most importantly, trust with the registered builder.

Myth 8. Custom homes are always expensive and loaded with hidden costs

If a custom home is designed efficiently and factors in locations of services and structural materials, a custom home is comparable to an off-the-plan home.

Things to consider in a custom home that may add to costs are inclusions and additional bulkheads for services (if not factored into the design). At Stroud Homes, we have over 190 home designs to choose from, providing the flexibility you need to find the perfect home for you and your family.

Not only do we have an extensive range of homes, but all of our plans are customisable, meaning you can add your unique touch to each of our designs. Speak to your local Stroud Homes Builder today to view our range of homes.

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