20 Week Build Time Guarantee – NZ Terms and Conditions

When you meet with us to sign your new home contract, Stroud Homes will inform you if any build time adjustments are required due to your unique project.

Build Time Guarantees

A 20-week build time is offered by Stroud Homes on single storey homes under 300 m2 that meet the following conditions.


  • The home is our standard home design with standard inclusions with no structural variations including standard options; (Stroud Homes may, at our discretion, approve altered homes for the build time); and
  • The build time period commences when your building approval is received at our office and all other contract requirements are met.
  • Building commencement dates are subject to relevant approvals, land registration, finance approvals and all client requirements being fulfilled under the contract.
  • Please contact your contract administrator for more details on contract requirements leading up to commencement.
  • Construction is to commence within 7 days of when the build time period commences.
  • The build time period concludes on the date Stroud Homes confirms to you in writing that the house has reached practical completion.
  • The fixed 2 week handover allowance concludes 2 weeks after Stroud Homes confirms to you in writing that the house has reached practical completion regardless of whether or not handover has been completed.
  • This allowance is meant to provide for the usual time taken for final inspections, cleaning and payment activities normally occurring between practical completion and handover.
  • Stroud Homes provides an allowance of 2 weeks but does not guarantee handover will occur within 2 weeks as delays at this stage are out of the control of the builder, e.g: council inspections, council documentation, bank valuations, receipt of final payments.
  • Please contact your contract administrator for more details on client handover requirements.
  • Applies to single storey homes only
  • Does not apply to split level designs

Additional time may be required:

  • For two storey homes, pole or split level homes
  • To demolition sites and/or where the home requires a traffic management plan for construction to proceed
  • To multiple unit development or redevelopment sites
  • To homes that include landscaping (including timber decking), some driveways, retaining walls, glass splashbacks, timber floors or curtains/blinds, HSTP treatment plants
  • To home sites with greater than 3m fall across the building area and/or where a waffle pod slab system is not being used and/or where rock excavation is required.
  • To homes over 1.5 hr travel (google maps)

Subject to meeting these conditions, Stroud Homes will pay $350 per week if the home has not reached practical completion as defined in the contract.

This build time program is also subject to any extension of time clause and suspension of work clause in the New Home Contract.

These timeframes will automatically be extended by 3 weeks, should the applicable construction period occur during the industry shutdown period commencing on or about 22nd December of each year.

Building Guarantees

At Stroud Homes, we understand how important build time is to you. We’re not a laid back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know you need your new home built on time.

That is why Stroud Homes offers a variety of guarantees, with our most important being completing your build in a dedicated timeframe.

We understand what is important to you and your family, that is why all our guarantees will ensure to keep you happy, within your budget, and to your timeframe.

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