Stroud Homes Hamilton: Your Expert Granny Flat Builder

Stroud Homes Hamilton: Your Expert Granny Flat Builder

Publish Date: August 19 2020

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Lockdown solutions

Granny flats have never been more popular in New Zealand, and for many good reasons.

Adding a Granny Flat to your existing house is perfect for those who want to be in the same bubble during lockdowns, but ensure that everyone has their own space too.

Choose between shared living/dual occupancy plans at around 250m2 or any of the attached granny flat plans to create your own haven.

Stroud Homes Hamilton also has a stand alone granny flat, the Tairua 78, for those who value their own space a little extra.

We speak to Stroud Homes builder Andrea Kim about building granny flats, and what options are available.

What granny flats styles and layouts are available?

Except for the Tairua, the dual occupancy and attached granny flat plans all give the feel of being one continuous house. However, they are generally connected by the garages with shared laundry and outdoor spaces.

At the moment we mostly have classic façades available but we can adapt the plans to suit any façade.

The granny flats are one to two bedrooms with a bathroom and an open layout kitchen/living space.

A selection of our Attached Granny Flats

Attached or stand-alone granny flats, what are the pros and cons with the two different designs?

Some councils prefer ancillary dwellings to share a wall, so the attached granny flats are easier to get council approval and for those that want to have family closer it is more convenient.

Some people worry that it might be too close and so prefer having a stand alone so that everyone can have their own space.

find out more about Building Duplexes & Dual Living Options in Hamilton.

The stand alone is also better as a future rental property.

Are granny flat add-ons available for all Stroud Homes designs or are they subject to local council planning requirements?

We can definitely look at adding it onto any design and especially the larger lifestyle designs are usually well suited to this.

Having a granny flat is always subject to council planning requirements and land covenants.

However, the attached granny flats get around a lot of these rules easier as councils like the one house look, but it still depends on the land if this is possible.

Are most granny flat options designed to house one or more people and what features do they contain compared to the main build?

As they are one to two bedrooms they suit a couple or small family (two bed) best.

They are built to the same standard as the main build, but we can include wheelchair accessible features if needed.

They also tend to have a small stove and oven as there is less space.

Is there a granny flat plan that is extra popular?

The Hahei 394 and the Koru 428 are the ones we have had more enquiries for so far as they have two beds in the granny flat and offer separate outdoor areas and an internal shared laundry rather than garage laundry.

The Hahei 394 and the Koru 428 granny flat plans:

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If you are dreaming about a granny flat and are looking for a builder in Hamilton you can trust, contact Andrea and Teayoung Kim on 027 950 1120 or 022 076 5994 with any questions or via their Facebook page.

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