Can I Make Changes to the Design?

Publish Date: September 13 2021 by Stroud Homes New Zealand

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Can I Make Changes to the Floor Plan?

Changing the House Plans

You’ve found your section, chosen your builder and you’re 90% sure about the home design… sound familiar?

Building a home is a big decision and the team from Stroud Homes NZ wants you to have a happy building experience and be thrilled with the final product – your new dream home.

In this blog article we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about making changes to your home design.

1. Am I allowed to make changes to a Stroud home design?

Absolutely. You can customise any of our standard plans, just like a Chameleon – no change is beyond our ability!

All tailored plans still come with our guaranteed black and white quotes, so what you see is what you get!

2. If I want to make changes to the plan, who do I talk to?

If you want to make changes, these are done during the preliminary stage when we are working with you on your design.

You can talk to one of our team, Nathan and Korena, give us a call or pop in to see us at our Display Centre.

Nathan has been building for over 20 years so he can guide you through whether your changes could work or not.

3. If I decide on a change that will negatively impact the overall house design, will you let me know?

Absolutely, we would never put you in a position that would negatively impact either of us.

One pretty common issue that can come up is window size and placement. We have to ensure that the design is compliant and has enough natural light and ventilation for you to enjoy it!

4. Will I get to see my new house plans with the changes I’ve requested?

You will get to see the house plans all the way through with changes you have made at the prelim stages.

At Stroud Homes New Zealand we do everything to be as transparent as possible to provide a stress-free build experience for all our clients.

5. If I make changes to the new home floor plan, will it affect the cost?

In short, the cost will depend on the changes that you make. Changes will always be looked at on a case by case basis.

At the planning stages is where we want to make and finalise all changes. That way you know before we build what is happening.

It can be quite expensive if you decide to change anything after we have consent for your build and have start building.

6. What is a common change people like to make to their new home?

The most common change that our clients have made is the flooring in our homes.

All our homes come standard with tiled bathrooms and kitchen thanks to our fantastic list of pre-priced standard inclusions.

They are beautiful in all our homes, however they are not common or hugely popular in the deep south with the colder weather.

7. Can you give me an example of a successful change a client has made to a design?

Our last client added a garage to her home, as the design of our homes she liked did not have one.

We incorporated it very well into the home, so that you’d never knew it was not part of the original plans.

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