Communicating with us

Communicating with us

At Stroud Homes, we pride ourselves on our transparent communication. It is really important that we can communicate well with you (the customer).


Video Transcript

Kia ora, it’s Mark here from Stroud Homes again. I’d like to talk today about the best ways to communicate with your Stroud Homes team. Now, it’s really important that we communicate well with you. So let’s talk about exactly how that happens best. One general tip is to, if you’re part of a couple, nominate one person out of the couple to be that point of contact. We do find that people will disagree on things with their partners, and we do need the final word to move forward in those decisions.

During the contract phase, you’ll be dealing with your salesperson less and less, and your contract administrator more and more. This phase is characterised by periods of intense activity, preparing to lodge your job to counsel, and then following by a waiting period where you’re waiting for your consent. During this period, you’re processing a lot of detail, and keeping a good list of questions is very essential. You’ll get a phone call every Friday from a contract administrator and having this list of questions on hand will make it really easy to have them all answered.

During the construction phase, you’ll be communicating mainly with your supervisor. He is best contacted through Voxer or second-best text and email. Your supervisor also does Friday calls where we’ll explain what happened last week, what’s happening next week, and the details of anything that is not going 100% to plan. We suggest that you set aside some time in your diary and try to be available for this Friday call because it’s a great chance to get up to speed on what’s happening on your house build.

Now, we also offer guided site tours. You’re able to request these when you feel you want to look through your new home. They are a great opportunity to see exactly what’s going on and to get totally up to speed with what’s happening.

And lastly, just a few tips for communicating with the trades. It’s really important to address all of your questions to the site supervisor rather than talking to the trades. They don’t have a wholesome picture of what’s happening on a site and they may give you the wrong information. It’s also really important not to deal with the trades. They work directly for us, and it’s best to keep all of the work on your home within the contract. Following these simple tips for communicating will make the building progress go smooth.


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