Let’s Talk Preliminary Process

Let’s Talk Preliminary Process

Publish Date: January 19 2022 by Korena McDermott, Stroud Homes Southland

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The Preliminary Process

If you’ve built a new home in the Southland region before, or you have just started your first home building journey, you may be familiar with the term Preliminary Process.

The many steps can seem daunting, and especially to clients building for the first time.

In this blog post we have done our best to explain the different stages of the prelim, to help take some of the worry out of building.

1. When do I enter into a preliminary agreement and what exactly is it?

The Preliminary Process is a very important part of the contract process and covers preliminary drawings of your proposed home design.

You enter into a prelim agreement once you have decided on your plan for the house.

2. What’s included in the preliminary testing?

At the prelim stage we will work through your plan and change it to how you would like your house to be in just about every detail. We will sort the final price to build your house at this stage.

We will also add in a number of options depending on where your build is. This could be Geotech reports – to find if your soil/land can be built on and what your foundations will look like depending on the soil.

We’d look at septic tank designs if your new build requires a septic tank system.

3. Why do I need a soil test and contour survey done?

So that we know if your land can be built on and what the structure of your land is.

We will require all this information to know what your home foundation may look like. You don’t want to build a house and then find it sinking!

4. Do I get to keep the results from the various tests?

Everything that is done at prelim is completely yours. You will get the results of all tests and they are yours to do with what you like.

 5. What about pricing?

Stroud Homes will always give you an inclusive price before we ask you to pay a deposit or sign a contract.

Your contract not only includes site costs but also simple items like floor coverings, driveways, clothes lines and even letterboxes.

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We hope we’ve been able to answer at least a few of the question marks surrounding the prelim process.

If you are interested to build your new home this year, contact your expert new home builder in Southland.

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