No Change Terms & Conditions

“No Change” Reward General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to most Stroud Homes No Change rewards. Please check local brochure for full terms and conditions on this and other rewards and offers.

  • Enter a preliminary agreement within 7 days of quotation
  • Contract signed and 5% deposit paid within 90 days of quotation
  • No structural changes to the plan, see full terms and conditions below
  • Includes supply and installation
  • No Change rewards are offered at discretion of local Stroud Homes builder. Can only be claimed at location advertising a No Change reward



If any of the following is changed, the No Change Reward will still apply:

  • Adding/removing/moving light points, power points, ceiling fans or other electrical fittings
  • Selecting a fly-out option shown on the desired plan
  • Adding an outdoor kitchen from our standard outdoor kitchen
  • range. Extending the outdoor kitchen to fit a space
  • Adding non-slip tiles to an Alfresco, Patio or Porch area
  • Adding air conditioner(s) (ducted or split)
  • Adding robe shelving using our shelving options
  • Adding to the Garage using our Garage options
  • Adding a granny flat using our granny flat options
  • Adding/removing concrete driveway or footpath
  • Adding a glass splash back
  • Adding/ removing floor coverings including floor tiles
  • Adding extra wall tiling or feature tiles
  • Adding an extra shower head
  • Adding a second hot water heater
  • Adding solar hot water or solar electricity system
  • Replacing panel lift garage door with sliding doors or other infill.
  • Adding or deleting cement render finishes on brickwork
  • Upgrading standard appliances to another model in the same size and format (i.e. Upgrade freestanding 900mm cooker to another freestanding 900mm cooker)
  • Upgrading kitchen finishes to two-pack or some other finish
  • Removing standard dishwasher and/or filling dishwasher space in with cabinetry unit
  • Adding/removing mailbox/clothesline/tv antenna


If any of the following is changed, the No Change Reward will not apply:

  • Extending/reducing a room, the Alfresco, or a porch Moving a window
  • Changing a window to a sliding door or vice/versa Extending/reducing the garage
  • Moving / adding / removing an internal or external wall
  • Extending/reducing/altering the kitchen or bathroom cabinetry
  • Moving a plumbing fixture (toilet, tap, basin, sink, bath, shower
  • Substituting standard plumbing fittings with other plumbing fittings including taps, basins, bathtubs
  • Substituting or removing shower screens
  • Adding/removing/moving internal or external doors
  • Changing brick external walls to cladding (or some other external finish) or vice/versa
  • Changing appliances to another size (i.e. Change 900mm freestanding cooker to a 600mm built-in oven and 600mm built in cooktop)
  • Changing to tiled roof in lieu of colorbond
  • Changing freestanding laundry tub to cabinet with Stainless basin or vice/versa

Our Guarantee

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We’re not a laid-back building company; we know you’re paying interest, we know you’re paying rent, and we know how important it is to make building a new home as worry-free as possible.

We understand what is important to you and your family and our guarantees are there to ensure your peace of mind.

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