Talking Kitchens: Scullery or Walk-in Pantry?

Talking Kitchens: Scullery or Walk-in Pantry?

Publish Date: April 13 2022 by Stroud Homes

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Scullery, Butler’s Pantry and Walk-in Pantry (WIP)

In New Zealand, people often use scullery and butler’s pantry to mean the same thing, though traditionally they have distinct functions and layouts.

Whatever you are calling this kitchen area, mainly used for cleaning up dishes, it often features benches to use as preparation space as well as a sink and storage. It usually has more open shelves rather than the closed cupboards and drawers you get in the main kitchen.

A walk-in pantry on the other hand, is simply a large food storage area. It is generally all shelves and no bench space, though it may include a place for a microwave and/or small appliances.

Here is the full kitchen interview with  one of our local builders:


What is essential to include in a modern pantry?

The main function of any pantry is storage, so some type of shelving is the basic requirement. To make it a scullery you would require a bench and sink.

Which type of pantry has become more popular and why?

At the moment, the scullery is the more popular option due to the ability to hide preparation messes, have small appliances out, but also out of the way.

It’s also popular as it holds the extra space for all your kitchen stuff. Having a second sink can also be a big plus. It’s a must have if you like to entertain and have people over for dinner!


Can you include a scullery in any of the Stroud Homes designs?

It depends on the size of the house whether a scullery can fit. Most of our larger plans (over 200m2) already include this.

Some that only include a WIP could be altered to make it a scullery instead.

For those that do not have the space for a full scullery, a walk-in pantry is still a great option to ensure you have sufficient storage.


What is the best advice for planning a functional kitchen?

It is best to think about your needs for the kitchen:

How often do you use it, how much kitchen stuff do you have, do you entertain and need to have things out of the way, do you have a high budget?

All these things can help you determine if it would be best to have a scullery or if a walk-in pantry will better suit your needs.


Do you have a favourite Stroud Home design kitchen and pantry?

One of my favourites is the Clutha 180 because it maximises the limited space available and is very functional especially for those that don’t want or need a large house.

It is also versatile in that it can be either a walk in pantry or scullery. See the Clutha 180 floor plan below:

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