Stroud Homes Give Back to the Environment

Stroud Homes Give Back to the Environment

Publish Date: May 26 2022 by Andrea Kim, Stroud Homes Hamilton

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The Reforestation Initiative

We all have to work together for the sustainability of our planet and make sure we all make greener choices for the environment.

When you build with Stroud Homes New Zealand you re contributing to important reforestation projects planned for your area.

Stroud Homes Hamilton has paired up with the organisation Trees That Count to plant 15 trees for every house built. This is part of the builder’s commitment at Stroud Homes to give back to the environment and community.

By supporting native tree planting, Stroud Homes is helping strengthen New Zealand’s biodiversity and helping communities thrive.

“We are all connected in this world so the more we can give back, the more comes back to us and so then we can give more, and it’s a great cycle of giving and supporting each other,” says Stroud Homes Director Andrea Kim.

Trees That Count

Trees That Count are a conservation charity bringing together business, community and everyday Kiwis, with the vision of helping plant millions of native trees across the country.

Trees that count work with many local farms and other organisations that provide land to plant the trees on, restoring native bush in many areas.

The organisation are counting the native trees planted throughout New Zealand, with the mission to help make it easy for New Zealanders to collectively plant millions more native trees through their marketplace.

The group matches funded and gifted trees to incredible planting groups around the country looking for support.

“One of the things that we love about working with Trees that Count is that we can choose the region that the trees are planted in. As we are Waikato based, we always choose to have the trees planted in the Waikato area.” says Andrea.


A Greener Builder

Stroud Homes Hamilton uses quality products that help reduce the impact of housing on the environment.

Greener homes are something the we aim for and have additional solutions for those who want to be even more environmentally friendly.

If you are dreaming about a new home and are looking for a builder in Hamilton you can trust, contact Andrea and Teayoung Kim on 027 950 1120 or 022 076 5994 with any questions or via their Facebook page.

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