Why Everyone’s Talking Dual Living

Why Everyone’s Talking Dual Living

Publish Date: June 27 2022 by Korena McDermott, Stroud Homes Southland

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Integrated Living in Southland

Dual occupancy or dual living – whatever people are calling it, we’re sure you know at least one person who is reaping the benefits of this type of home with two integrated living areas.

A Dual Occupancy home is two living spaces under one title, so basically two dwellings under the same roof .

Some see it as a sound investment to rent out one part of the home while living in the other. While others are choosing to move in elderly parents to look after them, or moving out the kids before they’re fully ready to ‘leave the nest’.

In this blog post we are exploring all possibilities when building Dual Occupancy homes with Stroud Homes Southland.

Hillary 273 Duplex Mountain Façade

What is the difference between dual occupancy a duplex?

Dual Occupancy are two homes under one title therefore it cannot be subdivided. A Duplex dwelling can be put under two titles (a lot can be subject to local planning regulations .

What are the advantages when building a dual occupancy design?

There are many advantages to a Dual Occupancy as there may be less development costs and the being able to build on a smaller land envelope. It can provide an additional source of income and it may be a cheaper option, all while increasing property values.

Kanuka 245 Coast Façade

What are some of your most popular Dual Occupancy designs?

The Kanuka 245 is a great design and perfect for dual living! With one home offering three bedrooms and a double garage, and the other two bedrooms and a single garage, there is room for everyone in the Kanuka 245.

Featuring open plan kitchen and family areas, which flow seamlessly onto the alfresco, this home is not to be missed!

View the floor plan:

Chatham 255 Dual Living House Plan With Coast Façade

Is it more affordable to build a dual occupancy home rather than two separate buildings?

Dual Occupancy home will cost more initially, but has great potential to generate return on investment and then some.

Milford 267 with Granny Flat House Plan Coast Facade

Can I build a dual occupancy home with an attached granny flat?

It would ultimately come down to your local planning regulations. Seek advice from your local council or stop into our Stroud Homes Display Centre and ask some questions. There will be experienced people on hand to guide you in the right direction.

How much longer does a dual occupancy home take to build?

It wouldn’t take much longer per square meter than a normal single dwelling home. It would be a quicker way to build than a Duplex if all you are trying to achieve is an additional living space on the same land envelope.

Waitangi 576 Two Storey Duplex Coast Façade

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Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity or a way to keep family members nearby while offering both privacy and a level of independence, Stroud Homes can help you decide on the best option for your needs.

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