Stroud Homes Hamilton: Explaining the Build Process

Stroud Homes Hamilton: Explaining the Build Process

Publish Date: December 17 2021 by Andrea Kim, Stroud Homes Hamilton

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The Home Build Process at Stroud Homes

For clients to understand the process better, we asked Stroud Homes Hamilton Director Andrea Kim to explain what each stage entails on the journey of building a home with Stroud Homes, from initial contact to handover.


Initial Contact, Finding Land & Choosing a Design

Can you explain what happens during the first few meetings with Stroud Homes? 

One of the first things we need to determine is what your requirements are for the size, location, budget and style of your new home.

This will help us when looking for land so we can find the perfect section for your needs. We can conduct a FREE site visit and search with you to help you find that section.

Once we have the section we can focus on the plan and ensuring that the plan you love is oriented and adjusted to maximise the potential of your section.


Preliminary Process & Preliminary Testing

Can you explain what the Preliminary Process and Preliminary Testing includes prior to signing the contract?

Once we have decided on the perfect home plan and the section, we have arrived at the preliminary stage. During this stage we get the full working drawings done as well as kitchen plans and your colour consultation in our colour selection studio.

We also get surveying and engineering done so that we can have as much information as possible to provide real pricing for your contract. This is the time when we can easily make changes to plans and materials as we haven’t done the ordering yet.

One of the ways that we combat the current shortage of supply is by ordering as soon as the contract is signed. Once we have started the build it is hard to make changes and these will incur extra cost and may cause delays to your build.


Signing Contracts

All our quotes are black and white, they include everything you need to know and are exceptionally easy to understand.

At Stroud Homes, we will always give you an inclusive price before we ask you to pay a deposit or sign a contract.

Your contract not only includes site costs but also simple items like floor coverings, driveways, clothes lines and even letterboxes.

You know upfront exactly what your home will look like and how much it will cost. Our quality range of fittings, colours and finishes is so extensive, your home will look and feel anything but standard.


Build time

How long does it take to build your homes? Is there a build time guarantee? When during the process can I make changes to the design?

We do have a 20 week build guarantee for stand-alone homes under 300m2.

We believe that the key to a great build process is strong communication and that is why every Friday you get an update on how things are going. We do this from when we first sign your preliminary agreement until handover so that you can be involved every step of the way.

We also do frequent walk throughs with our project manager and let you be part of the process with traditions like our handprint ceremony.

Final checks & Moving in

Can you tell me how you can guarantee my home will be of top quality and what commitments Stroud Homes have after move-in day.

In addition to council inspections we have independent inspectors who give you extra piece of mind that your home is top quality.

We are also members of the New Zealand Master Builders Association and offer the 10 year Master Builders Guarantee.

Contact Stroud Homes Hamilton

If you are dreaming about a new home and are looking for a builder in Hamilton you can trust, contact Andrea and Teayoung Kim on 027 950 1120 or 022 076 5994 with any questions or via their Facebook page.

Come into our Te Rapa Display Centre and view our range of quality fixtures, fittings and inclusion options.

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